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UK Leaders in the support and delivery of GCSE Equivalency Testing since 2002.

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  1. I would highly recommend A star equivalency. They were very helpful and professional.

  2. An easy to use system and very helpful staff on hand to answer any question you may need help with.

    Amanda - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  3. Thank you a star for wonderful guidance and support.

    Gayathri Ramachandran - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  4. I haven’t got my results yet but I am sure I passed because I worked with the documents they have sent me 1 month before the exam. Thank you for all your help.

    Cagdan Buyuk - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  5. Very supportive team

    Damla Selcuk - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  6. Great service and wonderful, helpful staff at every level of the procedure. I passed my English exam and extremely happy with all the assistance they provided. Thank you A Star!

    Belma - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  7. The revision notes were very helpful, easy to read and set out really well. I was recommended to do 50 hours revision and this prepared me for the exam.
    Once taken, the fact track marking was excellent and I got my results the following day. Would recommend.

  8. Excellent organization!

    S Borisova - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  9. After searching for an online biology exam I finally found A Star. I spoke to them on the phone before booking and the staff was really police and helpful. I was able to book my exam for 2 weeks later and today I did my exam! I used A Stars resources to revise and do practice questions which I found really really helpful. Now I patiently wait for my results! Thank you A Star!

    Amber Mahoney - GCSE Biology Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  10. I took combined science equivalency exam and English with A star. I must say I was prepared well both both exams but I found all members of staff very helpful and patient. I highly recommend to everyone to take their exams with Astar.

    Damla Selcuk - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  11. Got excellent service. Thanks to A star👍

    Satakshi Bhattacharyya - Biology Exam Rearrangement
  12. I have found the complete learning package extremely good. It my seems expensive but it’s well worth the money.

  13. After years of struggling with maths and failing so many exams .I can finally say I’ve passed!!!
    I’m so over the moon .
    Thank you A star.
    The online lessons were great .
    The staff at A star are great.
    The online exam was great.
    Getting my result back was so efficient.

    Thank you A star ⭐️
    You truly are stars

    Sherene - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  14. Absolutely fantastic! It was so easy to book and set up. Communication was great and I received my results in 1 working day after adding the fast track on. Really pleased with my results and would 10000% recommend. Thank you A Star!

    Lucy McGrath - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  15. Booking was easy and straight forward. Examiner was professional and polite. Link to exam was emailed to me but went straight to my junk mail. Luckily someone from A-star got in touch and asked to me check my junk mail. I think a text message should accompany an email.
    In general, I was pleased with the service I received.

    Samuel Ayodele Forster - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  16. It has been a rollercoaster ride but I am pleased to say I passed my biology and AStar helped me do just that! Thank you! And to anyone reading this don’t give up !!

  17. Very professional invigilator. (Lucas) Very polite. Excellent course material to help you prepare for the exam- text book, practice papers, mock papers and revision cards all provide extensive material to enable you adequately prepare for the exam.

    catherine Kanga - GCSE Equivalency Paper Based Exam (verified owner)
  18. I was very nervous to use this service however I was very satisfied with the support I received and how easy it was to book the test.
    I was updated before I sat the exam and I passed my exam the first time.

    Sumaiya Kadir - GCSE Biology Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  19. I was initially apprehensive about taking an on-line GCSE equivalence course and test, especially as I had a 3 week time constraint to enable me to start Uni. However, I was really impressed with the material in the course work pack and how the on-line exam was conducted. I gained a Grade 7 and would highly recommend Astar.

    Jenna Cocking - GCSE Biology Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  20. Passed, took the plunge and did the higher on the last go and passed with grade 4, that’s all I needed for the ITT course so was ecstatic at finally passing!

    Sk - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  21. Very good service. Lovely relaxed approach

    Katy Laura Holmes - Biology Exam Rearrangement
  22. Good service. Highly recommend this company for exams!

    Marthijs Oosterhof - Exam and course rearrangement
  23. I’m very pleased with the service of “a star equivalency”. Once I passed GCSEs Maths and English, I received my electronic certificates on the same day. I’ve been able to meet the requirements and get a place at University. I would definitely recommend it.

    Melissa Janneh - Equivalency Certificate (verified owner)
  24. Thank you soo much to Astar! Such good customer service and really easy to use. Theres always someone able to help you when needed

  25. Astar have enable me to be able to start my radiography degree in September. I had to obtained my biology and maths. The content is a lot but if you dedicate time to it you will definitely pass the exam. If you pay for fast-track you get the results in less than 24 hours. However, the price of the exam and having to pay for the course materials separately seems unfair!

  26. I love the whole experience, plenty of resources and the fast track is really fast.

    Humphries kantazi - Biology Exam Rearrangement
  27. Communication with A star has been very efficient. My exam vigilator has been very helpful when a technical problem with scanning my exam answers appeared.

    Maria Tsanasidou - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  28. A would highly recommend A Star. I needed a pass level 4 (55%+) in Maths as an essential requirement for teacher training. I paid A Star for the course Materials which were extensive and included a booklet, practice papers, mock exam papers and access to the MME website including a personal learning portal. The website was particularly helpful and contained an extensive library of video tutorials on every single topic as well as practice papers and mock exams that gave you feedback and advice. The MME website was an essential learning tool that helped me gain my pass. In addition A Star’s own weekly live video tutorials were also very useful. The fast track service exceeded my expectations, this service promises results within two working days and I received my results within 14 hours of completing the exam. A Star is a very effective supportive choice for those seeking to gain a maths equivalency certificate.

    Charmaine Kingwell - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  29. I took both Maths and English. Every one is very helpful.
    During the English test Lucas and particularly Elise was very very helpful to sort my exam to be marked

  30. Booked and took exams within 1 week and passed at 4 required of me.
    Great staff, very understanding and very cooperative . Will recommend on any day .

    BB Ibrahim - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  31. Smooth and easy process of any exam. I took English eq.and if you follow to the GCSE English study guideline, easy to pass.
    Thanks for a good expereince.

    Tanzer - English Exam Rearrangement (verified owner)
  32. Excellent service, as soon as you’ve booked an exam they keep in touch to make sure you have everything in place; on the day of the exam the invigilator was brilliant.I did a fast track for my maths results and it arrived in less than 24hrs. The E-Certificate which was supposed to take three working days also arrived within less than 24hrs.

    Andi - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  33. Although the price appears high for the course and exam, I fully recommend you spend the money, rather than keep paying for resits.
    The guide is comprehensive, though unfortunately I didn’t manage signing up to the classes, and you can’t watch them after the fact, hence the 4 stars.
    The process was strand the Invigilator for the exam was thorough and patient.
    Fingers crossed I won’t be eating my words as the results aren’t for three days!

    Lynn Ramsay - GCSE Biology Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  34. Very efficient, excellent communication.

    Sue Allen - GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  35. Thank you astar equivalency I was very pleased with the service I received.
    I bought the theory package for my exam and unfortunately missed my first exam by 5 points I was gutted but more determined to revise.
    I used the revision guides and recommendations for the online YouTube lessons.
    It is a lot of information to learn and not everything is in the packs. But I found with everything all together and lots of exam practice papers I passed second time around.

    Claire - GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  36. Great service, support and professional set up when conducting the exams.

    Many thanks

    David Groucutt - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  37. Joe, online maths lecturer was really supportive and helpful. He deserves 5 stars.

    I would leave 5 stars for A star but I won’t for the following reasons:
    * I had no source of time during my exam and the invigilator knew this. I had to surrender my watch as it’s a smart watch – I wasn’t given any indication on time, only when there was 10 minutes left. Would expect a half way announcement.
    * The physical certificate is a rip off at £20.00…….

    I got the grade I needed first time but this was down to me studying everyday.

    The course arrived promptly and the customer service was good. Just those two points above that I felt unhappy about.

    Imogen Stocks - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  38. Astar had great communication and kept me completely up to date with preparations and timelines. The actual exam was seamless (except the link to log in went to my Junk folder and I found it by accident, whilst waiting for it to arrive). The invigilator was professional, friendly and kind, which helped put me at ease. The exam was well organised and easy to access. Thank you for making a very stressful period easier to navigate through.

  39. Helpful and friendly staff that make you feel at ease. Very straightforward to do my maths equivalency test. Fingers crossed for a pass! 🙂

    Coral Marie Bentley - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  40. Organising the exam was really easy, they were really helpful and managed my needs well. The revision pack really helped to develop my knowledge, so that I passed.

    Hayley Mckeown - Biology Exam Rearrangement
  41. Excellent customer service. Very helpful and friendly staff. Easy to book a test and fast results. Excellent support and guidance Thanks to Astar Equivalency I passed my GCSE English Equivalency test. Highly recommended.

    Shameena - GCSE Equivalency Paper Based Exam (verified owner)
  42. The staff are amazing and extremely supportive the only negative is the exam papers examples do not reflect the actual test so I think better exams should be used but apart from that I would highly recommend Astar.

    Thank you for helping me pass my English, Maths and Combined Science.

  43. Amazing services, and very helpful staff as the exam can be really tricky if you go unprepared!
    I failed my first two attempts as I didn’t prepare properly as I thought if I was able to finish my degree with a 1st class, this should be easier.

    Big thank you to Mr. David Dennis as he helped provided me the right help and very precise information on what I really have to focus in order to smash the exam.
    Didn’t take me more than 5 days to revise the links David sent to me, and I was able to pass my exam with a level 6.

    Thank you very much A star team!

    Cosmin Cindea - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  44. Amazing team, always there to ask questions to and very quickly in response. Also very supportive when the exam got closer and my stress levels went up! The revision guides were incredibly helpful as they structured my revision and were a great way of testing myself to know my weak areas.
    Fabulous service, I can now go on and start my pgce…thank you

  45. Extremely great full to A Star, I took both maths and combined science. The service was excellent, I paid for fast track and got result within 24hrs of sitting exam. I recommend this service if anyone needs to take equivalency exam.

    Lisa - GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  46. Very efficient service and excellent customer service. Easy to book a test and fast results. I passed my English Equivalency test. Thank you A star. Highly recommended.

    Shameena - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  47. I highly recommend A star to anyone who needs to take the GCSE English equivalent test. I spent nearly 2 months to get 59% Grade 5 and I can start my teacher training finally. I bought the course which is very good and also there are lots of past paper on their website which is really helpful for the exam. I tried my best and A star tried their best to support. They are definitely a real Star! Thank you so much.

    Tianlei - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  48. Did my equivalency test with another company first until a friend recommended A Star and I am soooo soooo glad they did. Brilliant service and everything was easy to set up and understand.

  49. Easy to book test and very fast results

  50. I found my experience with A Star very pleasing. The staff was very helpful and answered all the questions I had very quickly, and my invigilator was really kind and made me feel comfortable during the exam. I paid for fast track and the results were given the third day after my exam (since I bough it ‘out of hours’) and that was a bit disappointing, but I understand why. I passed with a 6 and didn’t find the exam extremely difficult. I would have like to have received feedback on it though, as I only got my percentage and grade. In general, however, I was very happy with the service.

    Paula Novo del Rio - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)