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UK Leaders in the support and delivery of GCSE Equivalency Testing since 2002.

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Great service, easy and quick to book. Thank you so much for the support.

Mary - Verified Purchase

I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support!! After so long out of a classroom and not having done an exam in years and years, I was really nervous about the whole thing. A Star Equivalency made it all so simple and straight forward. THANK YOU

lisamow9091 - Verified Purchase

I did a maths equivalency test and passed first time with A star! Thank you 👍🏼

Joseph Callaghan - Verified Purchase

I thought they were really helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. I finally passed and can now do my Teacher Training programme.

John Gleeson - Verified Purchase

Very helpful course to prepare for the exam! Quick results in 2 working days with the fast track option. Highly recommended

Stephanie - Verified Purchase


Keerthy Pulendrarajah - Verified Purchase

Great support! Passed so happy. I can now go on to complete my teaching (QTS). Thank you AStar

Marie - Verified Purchase

Great service, clear instruction throughout the examination process.

Lindsey Taylor - Verified Purchase

Easy and quick to book. I needed equivalency for English. Easy access, quick updates and very nice and helpful ladies there too. Thank you

Rauca Corneanu - Verified Purchase

I had to pass my GCSE English equivalency test as a condition for my teacher training. I contacted A-Star Equivalency team as I am more comfortable in Paper based exam and it’s only them providing this opportunity. I booked my exam with them and it was very easy. Anytime I needed any help they promptly responded. I didn’t want to leave any chance to pass it so I bought their course as well. The mocks paper in the course were very helpful and I revised from some other resources. The examination process was very authentic. I passed my exam in first attempt with distinction 😃. I am very pleased with their service and will definitely recommend to others.

Anupam Gupta - Verified Purchase

Exceptional service and so so relieved I have passed.

Roberta C - Verified Purchase

Anyone who has to do the gcse biology equivalency then a star is the service to help you.

Azi T - Verified Purchase

Words can not describe how supportive the team is to help me achieve my GCSE Maths. I’m confident and provided with all the resources I need.

Damilare Bakinson - Verified Purchase

Fantastic service and Dave is a super star! Fantastic support and he gave me belief in myself. He is amazing at what he does! I was over the moon when I passed! Definitely recommend!

Sophie - Verified Purchase

Absolutely brilliant service, professional support and encouragement when sitting my online maths exam. Dennis is fantastic at what he does. He made me believe in myself and when I passed I was over the moon!

Sophie - Verified Purchase

I am so glad i done my sciences exam with Star equivalency. They were very polite and kind. The exam was quick and easy to book. Thank you so much.

Raisa D'wan - Verified Purchase

5 star service from this company. I needed a Maths, English and science GCSE for entry into a PGCE course. They were very friendly from start of booking to finish. Any problems with bookings or exam dates were dealt with promptly.

Saira - Verified Purchase

5/5 from me

David T - Verified Purchase

I can’t say I’m enjoying the course haha! The course is in depth and there is plenty of support available if you need it. I’m currently studying hard, haven’t taken the exam yet

Clare H Carpenter - Verified Purchase

I contacted 2 equivalency test websites for this science exam and this was the only one that got back to me. I am pleased they did as they have helped me to get set up and ready for the exam. Excellent service.

Poppy K - Verified Purchase

As others have said I can not fault the service. Would definitely recommend to others getting into teaching.

Jessica Collins - Verified Purchase

Just got my results and couldn't be happier. thank you so much for helping me to pass the science equivalency test.

Shirley Y - Verified Purchase

It was a very simple process from booking to taking the exam. Excellent service.

Liliana cunha-bellem - Verified Purchase

I didn't pass on my first go at it. They did say get the course to help but I shouldn't have to as it is suppose to be an easy test isn't it?????

Jorge T - Verified Purchase

Excellent service that helped me to get onto my course. Thank you to David and the team.

Amelia - Verified Purchase

If you revise for the equivalency test then you have a good chance of passing. I turned up with no prep first time and it was my own fault that I just missed out. A bit of study time and the second attempt went well. Will recommend to others.

Miguel Johnson - Verified Purchase

Having to study after many many years off took me back to my school days which is somewhere that none of us want to go. The work I did paid off as I passed the biology test and got onto my course. The people at A star are very helpful with the tutorials and support.

Antonia H - Verified Purchase

Satisfied with the support but still don't know why the Uni is making people like me do this when I already have a degree.

Gail Turing - Verified Purchase

pleased to recommend A Star equivalency to others.

Carl G - Verified Purchase

outstanding support from my first phone call to results day. Maths is not my strongest subject, to put it bluntly, I am terrible!!! The course materials really helped me to understand the concepts that I then transferred into marks in my exam. Although I still dislike the subject, my hatred has definitely softened a little now that I have passed.

Analisa Corbett - Verified Purchase

Didn't like science at school but it didn't seem as bad this time round. The guys at a star equivalency testing helped me to get on top of the materials and i found the input helpful. Now to tackle the challenges of my PGCE.

Dale Havers - Verified Purchase

GCSE English equivalency test is something I had to pass to become a teacher. I did well with my revision and thankfully I passed within 2 months.

Oluwatosin L - Verified Purchase

I will leave a review for others and recommend this equivalency service.

S Hainsworth - Verified Purchase

Very helpful staff

Oladele - Verified Purchase

I did the paper based Biology test at home. Wasn't sure how they would invigilate it but it worked really well as I normally get too nervous with exams but being at home eased my anxiety. This was my last barrier and now I have overcome it I can get on with my dream career.

Emily Freeman - Verified Purchase

I agree with the other reviews in terms of how helpful the team were and the fact that the test isn't as bad as you fear as long as you do the work of course.

Candice Warner - Verified Purchase

More than satisfied with this service. I was initially advised to use another equivalency testing provider but they were almost double the cost. A star were great from the start and took some of the stress out of a really stressful thing.

Alexi Peel - Verified Purchase

I had to do the science equivalency test to get onto my course. This service really helped me prepare for my exam and pass it.

Mina A - Verified Purchase

Thank you thank you!!! passed first time.

Janine P - Verified Purchase

good equivalency test service

Adi L - Verified Purchase

The GCSE biology test is okay as long as you do the revision! I spent a few weeks really studying hard and thankfully it worked out as planned.

Bernadette Y - Verified Purchase

Yes happy to leave and review and recommend the A star equivalency testing service

Jeremey R - Verified Purchase

Excellent support with the exam. Everyone I spoke to and emailed were helpful with fast responses. Results came back within 24 hours as I went for fast track option. Excllent service.

A Zahid - Verified Purchase

Will recommend to others looking to get into teaching and need an english equivalency

Mrs Begum - Verified Purchase

The best thing I have ever done!!!! I am now about to start my teaching career.

Ali T - Verified Purchase

happy with the equivalency testing service.

Pauline Hargreaves - Verified Purchase

Passed on my very first attempt thanks to the amazing revision materials I was sent. It may seem a little expensive at first but you get everything you need and the lessons were also useful. Definitely worth the spend to make sure you avoid a resit but more importantly I got onto my course!!!!!!!

Zoe G - Verified Purchase

I can't thank this service enough for all the help and support provided with my biology equivalency test.

Janet T - Verified Purchase

Would definitely recommend this equivalency testing provider over the other I used, much cheaper. I found the lessons useful but would have been nice to get more freebies.

Adam Preston - Verified Purchase

Not easy but worth doing if you want to get onto your course. Thank you for all the help.

Ewa S - Verified Purchase

I had to do this to get onto my PGCE in September. I decided to do it early and get it out of the way. The A Star equivalency exams team were really helpful, got me set up with my exam and I passed first go! Great service, happy to recommend to others.

David Thomas - Verified Purchase

Having never got my GCSE science 20 years ago! I had to go back to get my QTS. This service was helpful and the course materials invaluable with my prep. The exam seemed okay and I scrapped through with a level 4, but that is all I needed. 5 out of 5 from me.

Tina Petherbridge - Verified Purchase

The revision guide had everything in and the cards were also good. The exam wasn't as hard as I was expecting and I got a level 5 in the end which I am chuffed about.

Delia T - Verified Purchase

Brilliant service

Demi S - Verified Purchase

Thank you A Star. I’ve just passed my maths foundation exam with A Star. I found the whole team so helpful and always only a phone call away. The support they offer is great and it gave me the confidence I needed to get this exam done. I’m now studying Biology with them and hopeful for the same success.

Claire S - Verified Purchase

The maths equivalency test is not easy but if you do the revision materials they recommend you will pass it

Nat Pearson - Verified Purchase

Fast and effective service. Booked my maths equivalency test and although I did pay more for a short term booking it wasn't overly expensive for the level of service I received. Definitely recommend if you need to get these qualifications.

Maria K - Verified Purchase

The maths course materials were perfect revision resources to help me pass.

Rutvi - Verified Purchase

A very helpful service and made the revision for the test not as painful as it could have been.

Pari Singh - Verified Purchase


Khristina V - Verified Purchase

I was sooo nervous about my science equivalency test I can't tell you how much. I have not studied science for 20 years and had no idea what the differences between a plant and animal cell was, but after 10 weeks of getting my head down and working through the course I managed to overcome one of my greatest fears and at the same time pursue my dream of booking a primary school teacher. Thank you so much to the team at A star, you were supportive all the way through.

Gemma Taylor - Verified Purchase

Very happy to recomend for English equivalency test

Nitara - Verified Purchase

I am pleased to have passed my Biology Exam with A Star Equivalency. I cannot thank Dave and the team enough for their support. No test is easy and it is imperative to revise and use all the resources available on the website - which was a big help for me. I am greatful for the supportive team and looking forward to doing my Teacher Training in September.

Margaret S - Verified Purchase

A wonderful service that has helped me to pass my GCSE English equivalency test and get onto my teaching course for September!!! 100% recommend

Baozhai - Verified Purchase

The admin team on the phone was very supportive in helping me to choose an exam date that worked for me as well as providing guidance on how to prepare. Fingers crossed I pass first time!!!!

Sarah Feather - Verified Purchase

The course was very useful indeed for the maths equivalency exam. I passed first time. I was in a rush and had to pay more for my booking, this was the only thing that stopped it being a perfect service, but in all fairness I should have been more organised and booked sooner.

Alex Wonders - Verified Purchase

The maths course was full of everything that you need to revise. The mock papers were especially useful

Dean P - Verified Purchase

Excellent service, thanks for everything. Very professional team! Booked my Math,English and Biology exams!

Fehmiye D - Verified Purchase

I have a conditional offer for a school direct program starting in September, but because I come from Italy, we do not have anything like GCSEs. So I was really concerned to not be able to access the course as it is mandatory to have Maths and English. Initially, I was worried and skeptical to use these types of companies, but my training provider advised me and so I booked the exams with A Star Equivalencies. Well, the invigilator Dave has been so helpful, clear, and professional. They are great and I would indeed give them an A*. Thank you all for the support and help, I can pursue my dream to become a teacher!

Federica D. - Verified Purchase

I am so greatful for A* Equivalency and the outstanding support I have had from Dave and Tracey. Maths is my least favourite subject and knowing I had to sit a Maths test gave me anxiety. However, the expert advice given by Dave and the belief he had in me was truly remarkable as he was always a phone call away and ready to answer any concern I had. I had initially tried a different provider, who where shocking to say the least and was extremely difficult to get hold of as they didn't have a contact number (I'm surprised they are still allowing people to use them to be honest) and couldn't remember who I was nor give me my results as I had to call and chase for it. A* are amazing and everything is transparent. I'm looking forward to doing my Biology and would forever recommend and speak highly of such a helpful and supportive Equivalency Team.

Maggie - Verified Purchase

I have a conditional offer for a school direct programme starting in September, but because I come from Italy, we do not have anything like GCSEs. So i was really concerned to not be able to access the course as it is mandatory to have Maths and English. Initially I was worried and skeptical to use these types of companies, but my training provider adviced me and so i booked the exams with A Star Equivalencies. Well, the invigilator Dave has been so helpful, clear and professional. They are great and I would indeed give them A*. Thank you all for the support and help, i can pursue my dream to become a teacher!

Federica D. - Verified Purchase

Excellent service. I booked over a month ago, did my recommended revision and passed the maths test first time. Thank you so much!

Alana C - Verified Purchase

Just wanted to let you know I passed the Science exam. I got C/4 Thank you so much for all your help and support. I really enjoyed the lessons they got me through. Thanks again, stay safe and best wishes Sabrina

Sabrina M - Verified Purchase

I just wanted to say Maths is a real weak point for me. I know the basics but I didn’t think it was doable, I have now passed the exam because of your help. Again thanks for your great teaching, advice and support.

Andrea S - Verified Purchase

Excellent service and support for my English equivalency test

Jenny F - Verified Purchase