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These sessions are designed to ensure you select the right course for you and also look to support you with a revision plan and access to the best resources. Our support team will look to answer any questions you have regarding the exam process, results, and certification to make sure you are feeling confident about the next steps.

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8 Steps to Success with Your GCSE Equivalency Tests

If you are looking to get into teaching, nursing, midwifery or a number of other courses then it is likely that it is right for you. 

It is always worth checking with your training provider or calling A Star on 020 8135 8868 if you need any help.

The sooner you book your exam the cheaper it is which is because as places fill up more invigilators are needed, so the price adjusts accordingly, book early and you will benefit from lower prices. It also gives you more time to revise and work towards a chosen date! 

You can book your exams using our online secure payment system or call 020 8135 8868

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Both exams are taken at home with online invigilation. The key difference is the online exams are typed in for the most part, whereas the paper-based are exam papers that arrive in a security sealed envelope that you open on camera and then complete as a traditional exam paper. 

For the online exams such as maths, where you have to write formulae, then this is done on paper and scanned into the smart exam system so all of your workings are captured. Therefore there is no downside to the online exams unless you feel more comfortable with paper! 

Watch our video of the online booking system and exam 

Get more info on the paper based exams

We have free revision materials for every subject including past papers, mark schemes, specifications and assessment objectives. For those who feel confident in the subject and are on a budget, then you can use these materials to revise effectively and pass the exam.

Those who aren’t as confident will benefit more from our course materials and tutorial sessions that are packaged together as an affordable option. We recommend this over 1-2-1 tuition which can get expensive and isn’t always as focused as it should be on helping learners to pass these exams. You can either book the courses with the exams, or book it before via our dedicated course page.

GCSE Equivalency Courses

Once you have booked your exam and course you can focus on revising. 

  • Revise using the course: The course materials arrive in the post within 2-3 working days of your order being placed. You can see what each course contains here 

Equivalency Course Info

  • Free Revision Materials: If you do not feel like you need the full course then we do offer free revision materials on each subject page to help get you started. We have free revision materials for every subject including past papers, mark schemes, specifications and assessment objectives. For those who feel confident in the subject and are on a budget, then you can use these materials to revise effectively and pass the exam.

Free Maths Revision

Free English Revision 

Free Combined Science Revision

Free Biology Revision

  • How long should I revise? 

The recommended study time for each subject is approximately 50 hours; however, this assumes some background knowledge and is a rough estimate. Some learners will spend less time and comfortably pass and others will need to spend more time in order to meet the minimum requirements. Your performance in the course materials will guide you as to how much work you need to put in to pass the exam.

The best advice is to plan! Make sure you have scheduled your revision time amongst your work and other commitments so that you give yourself time to cover the content and prepare effectively for the exam. 

The recommended study time per subject varies hugely from learner to learner, some will spend less than 10 hours and pass and others will need to spend up to 100 hours to pass.  Therefore it is advisable to start with the course content and plan out your revision topic by topic making sure you leave time for exam paper practice before your exam day.

Those who plan tend to perform better in the exams!

Once you have booked your exam you will be emailed with an invoice and a link to the learner instructions. Make sure you have read these and are set up for remote invigilation. It is straightforward but please test your setup before the exam day to prevent any unneeded stress. 

Test Instructions

Results take up to 2 working days for fast track bookings and 10 working days for standard bookings. You will be emailed the results and an invitation to complete a certificate if you have been successful. If you need to resit we will provide guidance and support to help you. 

Fast track results 

Submit your certificate request and a secure e-certificate will be issued within 2 working days. Physical certificates can be ordered and take up to 6 working days to arrive to you in the post.

Through our secure certification coding system, your learning provider can verify your result.

Result verification 

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Equivalency Testing FAQs

Are there equivalency testing practice papers I can use?

Some equivalency testing providers offer sample test papers for each equivalency test. At A Star we have a number of sample papers for each subject. See our list of sample papers below

What is the pass mark for the GCSE maths equivalency test?

The pass marks vary from exam to exam and are usually determined by the difficulty of the papers, but can range from 45% upto 70% depending on the paper and the provider.

Should I take a Biology or Combined Science equivalency test?

This depends on your preference but also the course you are applying to. Some providers insist on combined science and others accept Biology. Usually those on the primary route are required to take combined Science and those on a secondary teaching course can take either subject.

How do I contact the A Star Equivalency Testing services?

If you need a quick response then Contact Us or use Live Chat, otherwise revert to email. Some providers may take longer in getting back to you than others.

Will my Uni accept this equivalency testing result?

The 2 main providers are accepted by most universities but it is always worth asking the question before committing to an exam.

What are the advantages of a GCSE equivalency test over a full GCSE?

The main benefit of the GCSE equivalency test is it can be taken all year round and the results are returned much faster than the full GCSE. The other advantage is that the equivalency exams are usually cheaper and more accessible with a shortened syllabus.