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Those who are looking to go into teaching or nursing often require an equivalency testing qualification in Maths, English, Science or Biology in order to gain access onto their course. The A Star Equivalency Testing service is here to help.

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The following comparisons are based on our most recent feedback of the different equivalency testing services, if any of the information appears to be outdated please contact us to get this updated.

Lowest cost of exam From £165 From £175
Cost of Exam & Course From £245 From £495
Acceptance by Training Providers Widely Accepted Widely Accepted
When do exams take place? Mon-Sat Periodically
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10+ Years of Experience
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7-Day Email Support
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Extended Tuition Service
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Payment method SSL Secure Payment Gateway Unsecure Bank Transfer

Equivalency Testing FAQs

Are there equivalency testing practice papers I can use?

Some equivalency testing providers offer sample test papers for each equivalency test. At A Star we have a number of sample papers for each subject. See our list of sample papers below

What is the pass mark for the GCSE maths equivalency test?

The pass marks vary from exam to exam and are usually determined by the difficulty of the papers, but can range from 45% upto 70% depending on the paper and the provider.

Should I take a Biology or Combined Science equivalency test?

This depends on your preference but also the course you are applying to. Some providers insist on combined science and others accept Biology. Usually those on the primary route are required to take combined Science and those on a secondary teaching course can take either subject.

How do I contact the A Star Equivalency Testing services?

If you need a quick response then Contact Us or use Live Chat, otherwise revert to email. Some providers may take longer in getting back to you than others.

Will my Uni accept this equivalency testing result?

The 2 main providers are accepted by most universities but it is always worth asking the question before committing to an exam.

What are the advantages of a GCSE equivalency test over a full GCSE?

The main benefit of the GCSE equivalency test is it can be taken all year round and the results are returned much faster than the full GCSE. The other advantage is that the equivalency exams are usually cheaper and more accessible with a shortened syllabus.