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Why Choose A* Star Equivalency?

Value & Flexibility

  • Recognised & affordable equivalent GCSE* accredited exams
    (* General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • Lower fees than all other major competitors
  • Inexpensive home study materials available online
  • Total study, training & administration support
  • Flexible choice of examination dates, times & locations
  • Results assessed & returned within 15 working days

Accreditations & Reputation

  • Internationally renowned qualifications in a range of subjects
  • Updated grading system recognised by employers
  • Equivalencies accepted by most Teacher Training providers
  • A* Star acknowledged by schools, colleges & universities
  • Proven record of up skilling thousands of aspiring Teachers
  • Unrivalled reputation as a proven Equivalency provider
  • A* Star Equivalency established for over 10 years

Expertise & Experience

  • Team of former Teachers, Heads & University registration staff
  • JCQ* trained exam Invigilators & professional Markers
    (* Joint Council for Qualifications)
  • Study support from experienced education professionals
  • Examinees ID checked by staff with Safer Recruitment Training & compliance credentials

Security & Accountability

  • Frequently rotated banks of fresh exams in each subject
  • Completed exams, marking schemes, markers profiles, examinees photo ID & evidence of dyslexia (where relevant) securely stored for 12 months for auditing purposes prior to safe shredding
  • Anti-fraud certificates feature a Unique Identification Code linking the certificate to named examinee’s results


Equivalencies are for the purposes of teacher training, nursing and midwifery.

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