GCSE English Equivalency Test

From: £160.00

GCSE English Equivalency Test

The A star equivalency testing service enables you to book and take your GCSE English equivalency test at home.

From: £160.00
  • GCSE English Equivalency Online Exam for Teaching, Nursing & Other Courses

  • Based on the AQA GCSE English Language Specification - 2 Hour 10 Minute Exam

  • Recommended by Training Providers - Lowest Cost Exam Guaranteed

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May 2022
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GCSE English Equivalency Course

The A Star Equivalency GCSE English course provides everything you need to pass the GCSE English equivalency test. Once you order the course, it gets posted out to you by Royal Mail and arrives within 2-3 working days. Once you have signed up to the course you will also be invited to the weekly tutorials.

  • 6 full mock papers & mark schemes

  • Model solutions with marking criteria highlighted

  • English revision cards posted to you

  • Access to an online revision platform

  • Free weekly tutorials to help you learn the key concepts

How do I prepare for the GCSE English Equivalency Test?

AQA Specification

The A Star Equivalency exam and specification is similar to the AQA exam GCSE English language qualification and as such materials designed for this exam will be relevant. The full AQA GCSE English Language specification can be found here
AQA GCSE Engish Specification

Assessment objectives and guidance

Our assessment objectives are benchmarked against recognised examination criteria
English Equivalency Exam Breakdown

GCSE English Equivalency Exam writing questions

As per your actual exam these writing questions are formatted with the option of doing the writing question 5 from paper 1 or 2. The writing section is important as it is 40% of your assessment.
English practice writing paper

Equivalency Sample Paper

Access GCSE English equivalency test past papers pdf, mark scheme and insert below.
Practice Paper
Mark Scheme

AQA Past Papers

You can find English past exam papers and mark schemes here.
AQA GCSE Engish Past papers

Ask the community

A star Equivalency has set up a Facebook support group to help every Equivalency student. Take a look at the A star Equivalency Facebook Group.

Everything you need in one place

With our course options, you get all the materials you need to revise for and pass the exam. Additionally, we also have webinar tutorials to help prepare learners, which is inclusive of the exam booking fee. See the block above for more information. 

Specifically designed for the exam

The course has been specifically designed to match the content of the exam. Providing genuine mock papers designed by examiners.

Examiner feedback

With the GCSE English equivalency course, you are able to submit two exams for examiner feedback. Getting genuine feedback from real examiners on how you can improve.

Free Weekly Lessons

A Star Equivalency offers free weekly lessons to all learners. You can register for there here
Free Weekly lessons

Make a study Plan

Making a study plan to pass your Equivalency Test is a good place to start. Plan out when you want to revise and how you want to revise.

Start revising early

Start your revision early. Give yourself enough time to cover the entire course without needing to rush.

Do lots of practice papers and questions

Exam-paper practice is the most important thing. This is why the A star course comes with 6 high-quality mock papers so you know what you expect from the real exam.

GCSE English Equivalency Information

The following is a list of things you will need for the day of your exam:

  1. An internet connection capable of sustaining a video call (please do a test video call before the day of your exam)
  2. A web cam and audio set up
  3. An acceptable form of ID
  4. A pen and lined paper
  5. A Smartphone (to submit your answers if you complete them on paper).

The online test is straight forward. On the day of your exam you click the Zoom link sent to you, then the invigilator will share the exams system. You read the questions on screen and then have the option of typing them onscreen or handwriting them. If you handwrite your answers on paper, then you scan the paper in at the end of the exam. You do not need any technical knowledge to do the exam online, simply a stable internet connection and a web camera.

This section outlines what is in the English Equivalency Examination, how it is assessed and provides practice exams and support materials to assist you. We have worked to deliver a high- quality GCSE English Equivalency syllabus, that is transparent in its expectations.

Since English is the medium of communication in the UK, good English skills are extremely important. There is a well- known saying that repetition is the mother of skill, and as English Language examinations are testing these skills it is vital you have time to practise, practise, practise. If you know you will require an English GCSE Equivalency, we encourage you to start preparation as early as possible.

The English equivalency exam is one 2-hour 10 minute English Language equivalency exam bench marked to AQA  GCSE English Language (For teaching from September 2015 onwards for exams in May/June 2017 onwards) (Single tier 1-9). It is a 100 mark hybrid of paper 1 and paper 2.

The above document is lengthy and complicated however an easier to follow breakdown of the breakdown of English equivalency exam content (including assessment objectives) is detailed here in the English equivalency test guide 

The above specifically lays out which assessment objectives are assessed in each question and how the GCSE English Language Equivalency exam questions map to the AQA exam questions in paper 1 and 2.

You require a GCSE English equivalency for entry into a higher education course that accepts GCSE equivalencies. Typically Teaching QTS (minimum of a C/4), Nursing and Midwifery.

The best preparation for the exam is the course materials that contains everything you need to pass your exam. The course includes:

  1. Full specification
  2. Mock papers
  3. Model solutions
  4. Marked papers with examiner feedback

The marked papers will let you know what level you are working at and when to book your exam to give you the best chances of passing the test first time.

Mark and grade boundaries are benchmarked to the June 2019 AQA grade boundaries for English Language for combined papers and marked out of 160. These have been converted to marks out of 100 and expressed as percentages with corresponding grades 1-9.

Note: Training Providers will require a minimum of 4 (old C) or in Wales a 6 (old B)

9 79 – 100 79%
8 73 – 78 73%
7 68 – 72 68%
6 61 – 67 61%
5 54 – 60 54%
4 48 – 53 48%
3 35 – 47 35%
2 23 – 34 23%
1 10 – 22 10%

Unclassified   0-9            0%

A* Star Equivalency Testing has been the leader in delivering Equivalency Tests since 2002 and our certificates are accepted by most training providers.

If you have any concerns regarding your training provider, please email [email protected] and we will offer our assistance.

Past papers are included in your course pack and come with detailed mark schemes and model solutions.

Yes! we do offer the option of a paper based exam. Please follow the link to see our paper based exam product. 

To find out what you need to sit an online exam and for instructions on the day, please see the Equivalency test instructions page.

A Star Equivalency Test Instructions

These instructions will be sent to every learner when they book an exam with A star Equivalency.

UCL only accept level 5’s for all GCSE English qualifications and equivalencies.

In order to get booked in for an extra time exam, you MUST call 020 3488 0960 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements. It may take longer to get booked in for an exam as we verify your evidence of extra time.

Please be aware: Due to the extended nature of an extra time exam, it is not possible to sit these exams in every available exam slot due to invigilator availability.

GCSE English Equivalency Exam & Course

Exam Only Exam and Course
Lowest cost online Examination Lowest cost online Examination
Online Examination Online Examination
Certificate Included Certificate Included
6 full mock papers exactly like the real exam 6 full mock papers exactly like the real exam
Model solutions for each paper Model solutions for each paper
2 examiner marked mock papers 2 examiner marked mock papers

Three Steps to your GCSE English Equivalency

3 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Book a date for your GCSE English Equivalency Test

  • 2

    Prepare for your exam with the course materials

  • 3

    Get your result and certificate

Some Guidance on your exams

The video below gives some guidelines on the exam, what happens on the day of the exam, as well as gives you handy information on how to prepare for your exam.


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  1. Excellent service and support for my English equivalency test

    Jenny F
  2. I have a conditional offer for a school direct program starting in September, but because I come from Italy, we do not have anything like GCSEs. So I was really concerned to not be able to access the course as it is mandatory to have Maths and English. Initially, I was worried and skeptical to use these types of companies, but my training provider advised me and so I booked the exams with A Star Equivalencies. Well, the invigilator Dave has been so helpful, clear, and professional. They are great and I would indeed give them an A*. Thank you all for the support and help, I can pursue my dream to become a teacher!

    Federica D.
  3. Excellent service, thanks for everything. Very professional team! Booked my Math,English and Biology exams!

    Fehmiye D (verified owner)
  4. A wonderful service that has helped me to pass my GCSE English equivalency test and get onto my teaching course for September!!! 100% recommend


    Khristina V
  6. Very happy to recomend for English equivalency test

  7. Would definitely recommend this equivalency testing provider over the other I used, much cheaper. I found the lessons useful but would have been nice to get more freebies.

    Adam Preston
  8. Will recommend to others looking to get into teaching and need an english equivalency

    Mrs Begum
  9. Excellent support with the exam. Everyone I spoke to and emailed were helpful with fast responses. Results came back within 24 hours as I went for fast track option. Excllent service.

    A Zahid
  10. Very good English equivalency test service.

  11. It was a very simple process from booking to taking the exam. Excellent service.

    Liliana cunha-bellem (verified owner)
  12. Excellent service that helped me to get onto my course. Thank you to David and the team.

  13. If you revise for the equivalency test then you have a good chance of passing. I turned up with no prep first time and it was my own fault that I just missed out. A bit of study time and the second attempt went well. Will recommend to others.

    Miguel Johnson
  14. GCSE English equivalency test is something I had to pass to become a teacher. I did well with my revision and thankfully I passed within 2 months.

    Oluwatosin L
  15. I will leave a review for others and recommend this equivalency service.

    S Hainsworth
  16. Very helpful staff

  17. I had to pass my GCSE English equivalency test as a condition for my teacher training. I contacted A-Star Equivalency team as I am more comfortable in Paper based exam and it’s only them providing this opportunity. I booked my exam with them and it was very easy. Anytime I needed any help they promptly responded. I didn’t want to leave any chance to pass it so I bought their course as well. The mocks paper in the course were very helpful and I revised from some other resources. The examination process was very authentic. I passed my exam in first attempt with distinction 😃. I am very pleased with their service and will definitely recommend to others.

    Anupam Gupta
  18. Easy and quick to book. I needed equivalency for English. Easy access, quick updates and very nice and helpful ladies there too.
    Thank you

    Rauca Corneanu
  19. Great service, clear instruction throughout the examination process.

    Lindsey Taylor (verified owner)
  20. Great support!
    Passed so happy.
    I can now go on to complete my teaching (QTS).
    Thank you


    Keerthy Pulendrarajah (verified owner)
  22. Very helpful course to prepare for the exam! Quick results in 2 working days with the fast track option. Highly recommended

    Stephanie (verified owner)
  23. Straight forward exam which smartly gathers writing and reading assessment requirements.

    Yves Kemo (verified owner)
  24. A star provide an amazing service. Everything was done smoothly. They answer all of the queries and that too very quickly. I was in constant correspondence and got the reply to each and every mail. Got my result within a week. Very highly recommended.

    Sundus (verified owner)
  25. I’d really like to inform you that booking exams was a very simple process and on top of that the examiner was really helpful. I’m really happy to recommend A star for excellent service and professional approach. Awesome!!

    Deepa Shishir Sinha
  26. Excellent service: clarity of instructions, reliability of the prompts, ease of access, professionalism of my invigilator. I could not have hoped for a better experience and I am very grateful.

    Barbara Scalvini (verified owner)
  27. Great service for your GCSE equivalency exams. The invigilator gave clear instructions before starting the exam, and the exam platform was generally very easy to use. I got my results within 24 hours!

    Bianca (verified owner)
  28. I bought exam course from A star. The invigilator was quite helping and provided the guidance very well.

    HINNA QAISAR (verified owner)
  29. Very helpful and communicative staff!

    Abigail Kirschbaum (verified owner)
  30. Really good support and help to pass the equivalency test

  31. Great services and So friendly staff.

  32. Everything was great. I had the online exam and I could write down the answer. At the end I had to scan the papers. It was quickly and easy. I really recommend it.

    Georgia Lamprogianni (verified owner)
  33. excellent service by A star.

    Shguj (verified owner)
  34. Extremely grateful to A star Equivalency test who assist me brilliantly. Its services is phenomenal and open the doors towards my career. Honestly amazing customer service and specially examiner.

    Chesha (verified owner)
  35. I found my experience with A Star very pleasing. The staff was very helpful and answered all the questions I had very quickly, and my invigilator was really kind and made me feel comfortable during the exam. I paid for fast track and the results were given the third day after my exam (since I bough it ‘out of hours’) and that was a bit disappointing, but I understand why. I passed with a 6 and didn’t find the exam extremely difficult. I would have like to have received feedback on it though, as I only got my percentage and grade. In general, however, I was very happy with the service.

    Paula Novo del Rio (verified owner)
  36. I highly recommend A star to anyone who needs to take the GCSE English equivalent test. I spent nearly 2 months to get 59% Grade 5 and I can start my teacher training finally. I bought the course which is very good and also there are lots of past paper on their website which is really helpful for the exam. I tried my best and A star tried their best to support. They are definitely a real Star! Thank you so much.

    Tianlei (verified owner)
  37. Very efficient service and excellent customer service. Easy to book a test and fast results. I passed my English Equivalency test. Thank you A star. Highly recommended.

    Shameena (verified owner)
  38. Amazing services, and very helpful staff as the exam can be really tricky if you go unprepared!
    I failed my first two attempts as I didn’t prepare properly as I thought if I was able to finish my degree with a 1st class, this should be easier.

    Big thank you to Mr. David Dennis as he helped provided me the right help and very precise information on what I really have to focus in order to smash the exam.
    Didn’t take me more than 5 days to revise the links David sent to me, and I was able to pass my exam with a level 6.

    Thank you very much A star team!

    Cosmin Cindea (verified owner)
  39. Booked and took exams within 1 week and passed at 4 required of me.
    Great staff, very understanding and very cooperative . Will recommend on any day .

    BB Ibrahim (verified owner)
  40. I took combined science equivalency exam and English with A star. I must say I was prepared well both both exams but I found all members of staff very helpful and patient. I highly recommend to everyone to take their exams with Astar.

    Damla Selcuk (verified owner)
  41. Excellent organization!

    S Borisova (verified owner)
  42. Great service and wonderful, helpful staff at every level of the procedure. I passed my English exam and extremely happy with all the assistance they provided. Thank you A Star!

    Belma (verified owner)
  43. Thank you a star for wonderful guidance and support.

    Gayathri Ramachandran (verified owner)
  44. Very well organised process and frequent mail alerts about the test are the 2 points which I really appreciate about the ASTAR.

    Sree Nandivelugula (verified owner)
  45. I would recommend Astar as they were helping form the beginning to the end of my GCSE English exam

    May (verified owner)
  46. I am very pleased with my course, my exam and the support received in every step was outstanding Thank you very much. I absolutely recommend A Star!

    Maria (verified owner)
  47. I definitely recommend A Star Equivalency. The preparation for the English test is great, you have enough material to practice and then you are able to get two mock exams graded, which gives you a perfect indication of the exam and whether you would pass it. The feedback was great and I felt well prepared on the day.

    Yacine Cathline (verified owner)
  48. The exam was very straight forward to access online.I bought the course too and it was very helpful. Make sure you prepare as your hard work will pay off. Highly recommend A Star Equivalency.

    Xhina (verified owner)
  49. Great

    YUEYANG LIU (verified owner)
  50. The preparation for the English test became not a hard task due to well-prepared and organized course materials. Feedback given after marking the two mock papers provides a good opportunity to assess the capability to face the final exam. Quick response to emails and willingness to help at any moment is a remarkable advantage of A Star Equivalency. I recommend A Star Equivalency.
    Thank you for the support and guidance given to me to uplift my standard.

    Gayani Weerasinghe (verified owner)
  51. The preparation for the English test became not a hard task due to well-prepared and organized course materials. Feedback given after marking the two mock papers provides a good opportunity to assess the capability to face the final exam. Quick response to emails and willingness to help at any moment is a remarkable advantage of A Star Equivalency. I recommend A Star Equivalency. Thank you for the support and guidance given to uplift my standard.

    Gayani Weerasinghe (verified owner)
  52. Robert is such a massive help for me during the exam. The resources in the course is also very helpful. I definitely recommend A Star Equivalency.

    Yanyi Chen (verified owner)
  53. I highly recommend a star equivalency to those who needs to sit an exam within short period of time. There is no ambiguity from booking stage through to getting the result because a star equivalency staff is always there to support you. The exam was very smooth and the invigilator I had was very professional, patient and helpful. Thanks a ton a star equivalency 🙂

    Sharmin Rumi (verified owner)
  54. The process of taking Maths and English Equivalency with Astar was very simple. The software used for the test is user-friendly and astar provide immediate reply to any questions before, during and after the test. The materials they provide to help revise are also great.

    Calum (verified owner)
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