GCSE English Equivalency Test

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GCSE English Equivalency Test

The A star equivalency testing service enables you to book and take your GCSE English equivalency test at home.

From: £165.00
  • GCSE English Equivalency Online Exam for Teaching, Nursing & Other Courses

  • Based on the AQA GCSE English Language Specification - 2 Hour 10 Minute Exam

  • Recommended by Training Providers - Lowest Cost Exam Guaranteed

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  • Traditional Paper Based Exam Available! Find Out More

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GCSE English Equivalency Course

The A Star Equivalency GCSE English course provides everything you need to pass the GCSE English equivalency test.

  • 3 full mock papers & mark schemes

  • Model solutions with marking criteria highlighted

  • 2 marked mock papers with detailed feedback

  • English revision cards posted to you

  • Access to an online revision platform

  • Weekly tutorials to help you learn the key concepts

How do I prepare for the GCSE English Equivalency Test?

AQA Specification

The A Star Equivalency exam and specification is similar to the AQA exam GCSE English language qualification and as such materials designed for this exam will be relevant. The full AQA GCSE English Language specification can be found here
AQA GCSE Engish Specifciation

Assessment objectives and guidance

Our assessment objectives are benchmarked against recognised examination criteria
English Equivalency Exam Breakdown

GCSE English Equivalency Exam writing questions

As per your actual exam these writing questions are formatted with the option of doing the writing question 5 from paper 1 or 2. The writing section is important as it is 40% of your assessment.
English practice writing paper

Equivalency Sample Paper

Access a GCSE English Equivalency test sample paper, mark scheme and insert below.
Practice Paper
Mark Scheme

AQA Past Papers

You can find English past exam papers and mark schemes here
AQA GCSE Engish Past papers

Ask the community

A star Equivalency has set up a Facebook support group to help every Equivalency student. Take a look at the A star Equivalency Facebook Group.

Everything you need in one place

With our course options, you get all the materials you need to revise for and pass the exam. Additionally, we also have webinar tutorials to help prepare learners, which is inclusive of the exam booking fee. See the block above for more information. 

Specifically designed for the exam

The course has been specifically designed to match the content of the exam. Providing genuine mock papers designed by examiners.

Examiner feedback

With the GCSE English equivalency course, you are able to submit two exams for examiner feedback. Getting genuine feedback from real examiners on how you can improve.

Free Weekly Lessons

A Star Equivalency offers free weekly lessons to all learners. You can register for there here
Free Weekly lessons

Make a study Plan

Making a study plan to pass your Equivalency Test is a good place to start. Plan out when you want to revise and how you want to revise.

Start revising early

Start your revision early. Give yourself enough time to cover the entire course without needing to rush.

Do lots of practice papers and questions

Exam-paper practice is the most important thing. This is why the A star course comes with 3 high-quality mock papers so you know what you expect from the real exam.

GCSE English Equivalency Information

The following is a list of things you will need for the day of your exam:

  1. An internet connection capable of sustaining a video call (please do a test video call before the day of your exam)
  2. A web cam and audio set up
  3. An acceptable form of ID
  4. A pen and lined paper
  5. A Smartphone (to submit your answers if you complete them on paper).

The online test is straight forward. On the day of your exam you click the Zoom link sent to you, then the invigilator will share the exams system. You read the questions on screen and then have the option of typing them onscreen or handwriting them. If you handwrite your answers on paper, then you scan the paper in at the end of the exam. You do not need any technical knowledge to do the exam online, simply a stable internet connection and a web camera.

This section outlines what is in the English Equivalency Examination, how it is assessed and provides practice exams and support materials to assist you. We have worked to deliver a high- quality GCSE English Equivalency syllabus, that is transparent in its expectations.

Since English is the medium of communication in the UK, good English skills are extremely important. There is a well- known saying that repetition is the mother of skill, and as English Language examinations are testing these skills it is vital you have time to practise, practise, practise. If you know you will require an English GCSE Equivalency, we encourage you to start preparation as early as possible.

The English equivalency exam is one 2-hour 10 minute English Language equivalency exam bench marked to AQA  GCSE English Language (For teaching from September 2015 onwards for exams in May/June 2017 onwards) (Single tier 1-9). It is a 100 mark hybrid of paper 1 and paper 2.

The above document is lengthy and complicated however an easier to follow breakdown of the breakdown of English equivalency exam content (including assessment objectives) is detailed here in the English equivalency test guide 

The above specifically lays out which assessment objectives are assessed in each question and how the GCSE English Language Equivalency exam questions map to the AQA exam questions in paper 1 and 2.

You require a GCSE English equivalency for entry into a higher education course that accepts GCSE equivalencies. Typically Teaching QTS (minimum of a C/4), Nursing and Midwifery.

The best preparation for the exam is the course materials that contains everything you need to pass your exam. The course includes:

  1. Full specification
  2. Mock papers
  3. Model solutions
  4. Marked papers with examiner feedback

The marked papers will let you know what level you are working at and when to book your exam to give you the best chances of passing the test first time.

Mark and grade boundaries are benchmarked to the June 2019 AQA grade boundaries for English Language for combined papers and marked out of 160. These have been converted to marks out of 100 and expressed as percentages with corresponding grades 1-9.

Note: Training Providers will require a minimum of 4 (old C) or in Wales a 6 (old B)

9 79 – 100 79%
8 73 – 78 73%
7 68 – 72 68%
6 61 – 67 61%
5 54 – 60 54%
4 48 – 53 48%
3 35 – 47 35%
2 23 – 34 23%
1 10 – 22 10%

Unclassified   0-9            0%

A* Star Equivalency Testing has been the leader in delivering Equivalency Tests since 2002 and our certificates are accepted by most training providers.

If you have any concerns regarding your training provider, please email [email protected] and we will offer our assistance.

Past papers are included in your course pack and come with detailed mark schemes and model solutions.

Yes! we do offer the option of a paper based exam. Please follow the link to see our paper based exam product. 

To find out what you need to sit an online exam and for instructions on the day, please see the Equivalency test instructions page.

A Star Equivalency Test Instructions

These instructions will be sent to every learner when they book an exam with A star Equivalency.

GCSE English Equivalency Exam & Course

Exam Only Exam and Course
Lowest cost online Examination
Online Examination
Certificate Included
6 full mock papers exactly like the real exam
Model solutions for each paper
2 examiner marked mock papers

Three Steps to your GCSE English Equivalency

3 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Book a date for your GCSE English Equivalency Test

  • 2

    Prepare for your exam with the course materials

  • 3

    Get your result and certificate


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    Federica D.
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