GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test

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GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test

Book Your GCSE combined science equivalency test and course through A Star Equivalency to get a low cost exam and course with unrivalled service.

From: £165.00
  • GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Exam & Course - Lowest Cost!

  • Course Contains: Revision Notes, Mock Papers, Practice Questions and Tutorials

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics in One 2 Hour Home Exam

  • Online GCSE Science Specification Download

  • If you Require a Different Date to those Available Below Call 020 3488 0960

  • This is an Online exam, for Paper Based Exams see Find Out More

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GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Course & Exam

The A Star Equivalency GCSE Combined Science course provides everything you need to effectively prepare for the Combined Science Equivalency Test.

  • Revision Notes

  • Exam questions by topic for all key areas of the course

  • Model solutions for every question

  • Mock exams that emulate the real exam

  • Mark schemes provided for each paper

  • Tutorials to cover key concepts

How do I prepare for the GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Test?

Assessment objectives and guidance

See our detailed content guide below Edexcel IGCSE Science Specification Guide
You can also use the detailed Edexcel IGCSE Specification to help you revise Edexcel IGCSE Science Specifciation

More Free General Science Revision with MME

MME provides free general Science revision worksheets by topic. Using the assessment objectives and specification you can select which topics to revise:
Free Combined Science Revision

Free Practice Paper

GCSE Science Equivalency Test practice paper and corresponding mark scheme
Combined science practice - Questions
Combined science practice - Answers

iGCSE Past papers

The closest papers to revise will be the AQA GCSE English practice papers. You can find these here:
Sample Paper 1
Biology   Question Paper   Answers
Chemistry   Question Paper   Answers
Physics   Question Paper   Answers

Sample Paper 2
Biology   Question Paper   Answers
Chemistry   Question Paper   Answers
Physics   Question Paper   Answers

Ask the community

A star Equivalency has set up a Facebook support group to help every Equivalency student. Take a look at the A star Equivalency Facebook Group.

Everything you need in one place

With our course options, you get all the materials you need to revise for and pass the exam. Additionally, we also have webinar tutorials to help prepare learners, which is inclusive of the exam booking fee. See the block above for more information. 

Specifically designed for the exam

The course has been specifically designed to match the content of the exam. Providing genuine mock papers designed by examiners.

100s of Practice Questions

100s of expertly designed practice questions. Giving the ability to practice every possible exam question type you could face in the exam.

Free Weekly Lessons

A Star Equivalency offers free weekly lessons to all learners. You can register for there here
Free Weekly lessons

Make a study Plan

Making a study plan to pass your Equivalency Test is a good place to start. Plan out when you want to revise and how you want to revise.

Start revising early

Start your revision early. Give yourself enough time to cover the entire course without needing to rush.

Do lots of practice papers and questions

Exam-paper practice is the most important thing. This is why the A star course comes with 3 high-quality mock papers so you know what you expect from the real exam.

GCSE Science Equivalency Test Information

This exam is an online exam. The timings have been modified to allow you to sit the exam online. Your answers must be submitted online.

If you wish to sit a paper-based exam please see the link below:
Paper-based Exam

The combined Science equivalency consists of short-form answers along with multiple choice. Questions range from 1 to 6 marks of different lengths and formats.

Please prepare the following for the day of your exam:

  1. An internet connection capable of video calling (please test before your exam day, you don’t need to install any software for this).
  2. A web cam and audio capability (please test the set up works).
  3. An acceptable form of ID
  4. A pen, paper and scientific calculator.
  5. A Smartphone (to submit your answers if you complete them on paper).

The online exams are easy to access and you do not need any technical experience in order to be able to do this. The invigilators will connect with you over Zoom and then share the exams system. You can either answer on screen or on paper. If you write your answers on paper then you will need to scan them in at the end of the exam, but don’t worry this won’t affect the amount of time you get in the exam.

SINGLE AWARD (1 GCSE ) Science is a  requirement of Primary Initial Teacher Training courses.

This GCSE Equivalency Exam has been benchmarked the current Edexcel (IGCSE) Science (Single Award) specification and follows the UK National Curriculum.

This provides the best fit for UK primary teacher trainees with a single award (9-1) (un-tiered -includes foundation and higher) GCSE Combined Science Equivalency award.

This single 2-hour GCSE Equivalency Exam effectively covers the assessment objectives of the Edexcel IGCSE specification. There is No direct assessment of science practical work. This exam provides an excellent foundation to teach the primary science curriculum.

Edexcel GCSE Combined Science revision materials outlined in the information on where to find support can be used. However, it is important to note all other Combined Science GCSEs currently offered **(not IGCSE) are DOUBLE award so use this Combined Science Guide to avoid doing the additional material covered in the double award (2 GCSE) courses.

Biology content       33.3%

  • The nature and variety of living organisms
  • Structure and functions in living organisms
  • Reproduction and inheritance
  • Ecology and the environment
  • Use of biological resources

Chemistry content     33.3%         

  • Principles of chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry

Physics content    33.3%

  • Forces and motion
  • Electricity
  • Waves
  • Energy resources and energy transfers
  • Solids, liquids and gases
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Radioactivity and particles
  • Astrophysics

This specification has very limited resources available for it outside of this service. Our team have developed a dedicated course pack for the combined science exam and it is advised that these course materials are used to help you prepare for the exam.

A Star Equivalency Combined Science Grade Boundaries

Science Marks Percentage
Grade A*-, A*, (8) A*+  (9) 85/100 (84 -100%)
Grade A-, A, A+, (7) 73/100 (73 -83%)
Grade B-, B, (5) B+, (6) 62/100 (62 –  72%)
Grade C-, C, C+ (4) 51/100 (51 – 61%)


A* Star Equivalency Testing has been the leader in delivering Equivalency Tests since 2002. Our Science equivalency exam and certificate is accepted by most training providers and SCITT’s. Some nursing and midwifery courses also accept our test results, but please check with your course provider to be certain.

Please be advised that the Science equivalency exam paper remains the property of A*Star Equivalency Testing. Candidates are not permitted to take their exam paper, pictures of or photocopies of the paper. And as such by agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to the above.

Still can’t find what you want?  Please call or email [email protected] should you require any further information regarding any aspect of the course content, dates or location.

Yes! we do offer the option of a paper based exam. Please follow the link to see our paper based exam product. 

A* Star Equivalency Testing is a leader in the provision of Science equivalency testing services and as such we are accepted by the vast majority of training providers.

If you have any questions about our service or its acceptance please email [email protected] or call 020 3488 0960.

To find out what you need to sit an online exam and for instructions on the day, please see the Equivalency test instructions page.

A Star Equivalency Test Instructions

These instructions will be sent to every learner when they book an exam with A star Equivalency.

GCSE Combined Science Equivalency Exam and Course

Lowest cost online Examination
Online Examination
Certificate Included
Exam questions by topic Included
3 Mock Papers Included
Details mark schemes included

3 Steps to Obtaining Your GCSE Combined Science Equivalency

3 Simple Steps

  • 1

    Book your Course & Exam

  • 2

    Prepare effectively using the course materials

  • 3

    Sit the exam and receive your results


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