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UK Leaders in the support and delivery of GCSE Equivalency Testing since 2002.

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UK Leaders in the support and delivery of GCSE Equivalency Testing since 2002.

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  1. Super friendly and helpful people at the call centre. The whole experience was less pressuring than I thought. The test was tricky but there are lots of resources to help you study and the results came through very quick with easy access and both options of an online and hard copy certificate. Very satisfied!

    Kenia (verified owner)
  2. A Star equivalency have made this process easy for me. They kept me informed and got back to me promptly. I have passed my combined science with them and of to do my teaching in September. Thank you for your help A Star equivalency!

    Najma Abdulle
  3. I approached A Star for my English Equivalency Test. From the very beginning, i was offered all the information i needed to enrol, prepare and carry out the test. The support provided before and during the test was excellent too. Finally, my results arrived on time and in an easy to access manner. I am fully satisfied with the overall service and can highly recommend it.

    Andres Gomez de la Torre (verified owner)
  4. There was a problem with question number 5, I couldn’t see the question on the screen. However, I found the invigilator extremely helpful to support immediately.

    Ashutosh Bisht
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your review.

      I can confirm that question 5 is fully visible on our exams. We will investigate this error as a matter of urgency.
      I can confirm that a student’s results will never be impacted by technical issues on either the learner’s or invigilator’s side.
      Best of luck with your exams.
      A Star Equivalency

      A Star Equivalency
  5. The examiner was very kind, patient and helpful. The process was very simple and stress free.

  6. I cannot review just a product because all services offered with A Star are excelent. Exams, support, administration, everything. I do not have enough words to thank A Star.

    Corina Loica
  7. Very happy with Astar equivalency team, very friendly, supportive, and professional.
    So glad I chose A Star for my GCSE Equivalent exam. So convenient as you can sit the exam online.
    Highly recommended.

    Mehrvash (verified owner)
  8. Very good

    Shaks (verified owner)
  9. It was easy, smooth and very convenient. I am glad that I took my equivalency with A star. It was an A-star experience.

    Emre Arslan
  10. the service was great, had a great experience with my exams.

    milgo mohamed
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