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UK Leaders in the support and delivery of GCSE Equivalency Testing since 2002.

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  1. The material I received was helpful. It came with some topic questions and a set of past paper.

    Tiffany Chau - Biology Course (verified owner)
  2. The university that I applied for wanted English and Math GCSE. I purchased the courses and picked up the paperwork when I went to England. A Star equivalency were excellent with support, video, advice and the paperwork. I had to retake maths and even with a 7 hour time difference, every time I dealt with A Star everything was very prompt and they really care. I just got accepted for my first choice uni. Thank you so much A Star Team, really appreciate everything. Luke

  3. Excellent experience with A Star equivalency!

    I have purchased two courses and exams (English and Biology) with A star equivalency. I can’t wait to say ‘THANK YOU’ to A Satar’s teachers. The teachers are knowledgeable and helpful; the support course materials and Youtube lectures are extremely useful; the customer service replies to me quickly.

    I would highly recommend A Star equivalency!

    NA BLACKALL - Admin Fee
  4. I am extremely happy with the course I found it easy , The course was well structured and the material I received was helpful.

    Nasima - Biology Course (verified owner)
  5. Very easy to book. Communicative team working at A Star.
    I’m a bit of a ludite and was afraid of taking such an important exam online but even I managed to navigate my way through it with so added stress.
    Fingers crossed I pass

  6. Excellent & smooth… The exam has no complexity at all, and the service is highly satisfactory.

    Rumman Ahmed - Admin Fee
  7. My experience with A Star equivalency was fantastic and I successfully passed my exam, thank you very much. The customer service is fantastic and the course materials are super useful. Joe Davis (who did all the Youtube lectures / course) was also fantastic and I would 100% recommend. Thank you 🙂

    Livia Cori-Watts - Admin Fee
  8. I had to do an maths equivalency test last minute and I am so pleased to say that I passed! Would definitely recommend as star as all members of staff are so helpful. Couldn’t have passed without their support so thank you!!

  9. I really appreciate the big support given by A Star Equivalency since the very beginning. I was concerned about revising and practising for the test because I had a small margin of time for it. However, thanks to the service provided by A Star I can say that everything went well in the end. I would truly recommend this Equivalency Training Provider to anyone who needs to take a equivalency test.

    Claudio Valenzuela - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  10. I am happy with the service and the youtube lectures as I was unable to attend it live. Joe Davies was very good and helpful. I would definitely recommend a star equivalency to all my contacts. I wrote my exam online and awaiting results. Jess was very helpful ,patient, and understanding throughout my exam duration .

    Meenakshi Trivandrum Subramania Iyer - English Exam (Select the Date of your Exam)
  11. I purchased the biology exam and course to sit as I am beginning teacher training in September. A star were the most helpful from the start. The team put me at ease and were all really friendly. I found the you tube materials the most helpful as I am a real visual learner and Sam’s videos really helped.
    thanks A Star 🙂

    Louise Virabi - Biology Course (verified owner)
  12. Straight forward experience to book the exam. Polite examiner during the test. Plenty of reminders before the exam. Passed first time. Thank you A star. Very happy customer.

    Asif Iqbal - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  13. I was very impressed with the set up that A Star have for their exams. The process of booking, initial instructions through to sitting the exam is very straightforward. I found the invigilator helpful & friendly. It’s a very well designed approach to online exams and although I was nervous about the exam, the practical arrangements for the exam were stress free. Thank you!

    Joanne - Maths Foundation Exam (verified owner)
  14. Pleasant and easy experience booking the exam. Polite examiner in the test. Passed first time. Now I can do my early years teacher training course. Yay

    N - Maths Foundation Exam (verified owner)
  15. Amazing service, very easy set up and nice communication with staff throughout

    Nives Bulic Subanovic - English Exam Rearrangement
  16. I am extremely satisfied with the whole process of equivalency testing from registration to follow ups.The support team (Willow) has been extremely helpful. The invigilator Jess was very polite and explained everything about the exam in detail. I am happy with my result too.. Thankyou so much A Star Equivalency for making things easier for me..Keep up the good work.

    Amna Zeeshaan - GCSE Equivalency Test – Free Support Registration (verified owner)
  17. everything was great.
    The fast track is a lifesaver, my results were issued within 2 days as expected.
    The best thing about A star equivalency is the customer support service. They are super friendly and reply within seconds.
    I highly recommend

    Hazem - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  18. I recently did an online English exam; the supporting materials were wonderful, It will prepare you fully. At least for me, it was really helpful.
    My only complaint would be that the online exam system does not have a function to highlight or in some other way annotate the texts. It was quite frustrating and time-consuming having to constantly go back and forward between the texts.

    Moutusi - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  19. Fantastic & very easy…

    Rumman Ahmed - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  20. I had the pleasure of taking the GCSE English language test through A Star Equivalency . Excellent service

    Mariia Syrota - Admin Fee
  21. I recently had the pleasure of taking the GCSE English language test through A Star Equivalency, and I am thrilled to say that it was a remarkable experience. The program provided me with a comprehensive and effective way to prepare for the exam, ultimately leading to my successful result.
    From the start, A Star Equivalency impressed me with its user-friendly interface and well-structured study materials. The mock exams and practice tests offered by A Star Equivalency were incredibly helpful in building my confidence and familiarising myself with the exam format. The questions were challenging and reflective of the actual GCSE English language test, preparing me well for the real exam. The tutors in the webinar lessons deserve special recognition for their unwavering support and expertise. They were always available to answer candidates’ questions and provide guidance whenever they needed it.
    Overall, my experience with A Star Equivalency has been exceptional. Their well-designed program, supportive instructors, and extensive study materials have undoubtedly contributed to my success in the GCSE English language test. I wholeheartedly recommend A Star Equivalency to anyone seeking a reliable and effective pathway to achieving their academic goals.

    Nabila - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  22. I did an online English exam; the invigilator was wonderful and very clear, there were no issues whatsoever.
    My only complaint would be that the online exam system does not have a function to highlight or in some other way annotaine the texts. It was quite frustrating and time consuming having to constantly go back and forward between the texts.

    Tadeja - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  23. I opted for exam only as I had already been learning biology on a college course but wouldn’t receive test results in time to start my teacher training. The process was really easy and contact with them was really good. They sent me an email the day before with instructions of what will happen and what I need to do. Then sent a link in the morning. During the exam I had a few problems such as drawing a line from one answer to the other but they were really helpful and told me not to panic. The test contained a bit of all sorts and I passed first time.

  24. Excellent service

    Chamindi - Admin Fee
  25. Helpful and supportive. Recommended how to get the best of my revision planned

  26. Helpful and supportive. Recommended how to get the best of my revision planned

  27. A star provides excellent support to candidates, with clear guidelines and instructions on how to prepare for the exam. The customer service team is always available to provide assistance and answer any queries that candidates may have.

    Overall, I am impressed with the commitment to excellence and their dedication to ensuring that candidates have a positive experience during the exam process. I highly recommend A Star equivalency to anyone looking to take an exam in the future.

    Isaac Abilla - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  28. Really helpful and efficient. Thank you for all the support

    Andaracostage Deepa Nandani De Costa - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  29. The exam was good but unfortunately I didn’t have any clock to remind me and the invigilator didn’t give me a hint that you have 10 minutes left. Then, he said quickly do scan the pages and this led me to do it quickly and I missed to scan question 2.
    So I’m a bit disappointed.

    Esraa Al-Hilli - English Course (verified owner)
    • Thank you for your review.
      We do always recommend bringing a watch to keep track of your time. The time remaining is also be displayed in the bottom left of the exam screen.
      Our markers always double-check to see if questions are missing when exam questions are scanned in at the end of the exam. If we have not been in contact it will mean all your questions were successfully scanned and sent for marking.
      Best of luck with your results
      A Star Equivalency

      A Star Equivalency - English Course
  30. Good!

    Yu Xudong - GCSE English Equivalency Test (verified owner)
  31. A star equivalency test is really helpful.

    Lilian - Admin Fee
  32. The revision materials were generally good..

    Lewis Smith - Science Course (verified owner)
  33. The maths materials provided were really good and made it seem much more simple than waht I remembered at school

    J Harry - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  34. Excellent website

  35. I was a little worried about my maths equivalency test but managed to scrape through

    Melissa Sprin - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  36. Very pleasant experience after the initial shock of having to study again. I actually found the science facts I had to learn interesting and by the end got into a good routine of reading and making notes each evening to a point where it didn’t feel that much of a job.

  37. Never liked science in school as the cliche goes but had to pass this to get onto my course. The Biology test was okay to be fair and I managed to get it passed within a few weeks.

  38. I can not tell you how much I hate maths and the thought of having to do this nearly put me off teaching all together. However I pulled myself together and got my head down and after 3 months of painful study the exam wasn’t that bad! I got my pass level 4 which is all I care about as I can now move on. Everyone on the website, phone and emails were friendly and supportive. Really happy to recommend this to others.

    Rose Horry - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  39. Overall I was happy with this service and the exam support

  40. I wasn’t sure sitting the exam online so opted for the paper based and it worked really well. You still have to be online for the invigilation purposes but otherwise it is like a normal exam paper.

  41. Wanted to study my PGCE and had to get this biology equivalency test done. All sorted now and I can move onto my Uni course.

  42. I covered the course in about 8 weeks and went straight for the exam after a bit of a wobble a couple of days before. I passed with flying colours, level 7!!! I was so relieved and happy to finally think about starting my teaching career. Thank you so much

  43. Good service and website with resources to help you pass

  44. Really helpful service and staff. I was so nervous having to study again after so many years but the tutorials online really helped

    Claire Turus - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  45. Excellent survice! Easy to book exams and plenty of free revision materials! Invigilators were very polite and helpful. Fast results! Would totally recommend A Star Equivalency ! Thanks !!

    Sumbul - English Fast Track (verified owner)
  46. Service was fine for me but I had to take test again as I didn’t pass first time

  47. Thank you so much A Star Equivalency Team! Your swift responses to all my queries and your never-ending support have been amazing in helping me through passing all three GCSE subjects. The recorded webinars and resources (Study pack and Practice papers) have been extremely helpful too. I am so glad I chose you!

    Dania Sadek - Admin Fee
  48. The exam was set up really well, so easy to arrange. The indicator was lovely and made me feel at ease. The exam was very challenging . The results came quickly.

    Amy - Maths Foundation Exam (verified owner)
  49. Really friendly service and the whole process is made very easy. Would highly recommend.

    Zoe - GCSE Maths Equivalency Test Booking (verified owner)
  50. This platform is an excellent resource for preparing for GCSE Equivalency exams and obtaining the necessary certificate for higher education. The materials provided, including videos and other formats, are remarkable and greatly enhance the learning experience. I recently achieved a score of 53 marks, allowing me to pursue my teacher training in the UK. The platform’s comprehensive resources, user-friendly interface, and effective curriculum make it a highly recommended choice for academic success. Invest in this platform and unlock opportunities for a fulfilling career.

    Sant Kumar - English Course