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AS Team August 31, 2022

Here at astareqivalency, we strive to help all of our learners no matter their age or ability. One of the main objectives from the past years is to improve adult numeracy through functional skills maths level 2 support. A wide system is being launched by our government called the Multiply programme. The goal of this is to support adult learners in improving their maths skills.


The  Multiply programme allows learners to access level 2 maths resources and support including 1-2-1 tuition with one of our specialist, DBS checked tutors. The programme does not enable students to actually sit and book the exam however. To get the qualification you must sit the exam through a registered exam center which may be your local college or you could sit it online.  


To qualify for support through the Multiply programme, learners must meet certain criteria, one of which is that they but not already have a grade C or level 4 or functional skills in maths. The maths resources are part of the programme and are being edited for it. Having contextualized questions, practice exercises and video explanations helps to bring the maths alive and makes it more relatable, making it easier to learn. 


If you are looking for functional skills maths support, get in touch today. 

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