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AS Team February 8, 2022

Here at A Star Equivalency, we strive to help students of all ages and backgrounds. No matter your ability levels, we can provide you with the support you need. For some students, studying Entry Level-3 Maths might be required before moving on to the Functional Skills qualification. This is to ensure that they have the capabilities and knowledge to progress. The resources we recommend do not just help students, but teachers and tutors may also find use in them!


Pass Functional Skills’ Entry Level 3 Maths revision resources cover the entire curriculum, laid out in an easy-to-navigate table. Students can use the table to access the topic revision pages, wherein they can find key revision notes, practise questions and model solutions. Within the main revision pages, teachers and students can find the worksheet questions and their corresponding mark schemes. We highly recommend using these to get the most out of your revision, as the mark schemes allow you to see where you can gain marks and improve. 


The Entry Level Past Papers are popular resources, with many students finding them beneficial. The Past Papers reflect the real exams, allowing students to become familiar with the format and structure. Hopefully, this will help students prepare for their exams and help boost their confidence. Additionally, the Past Paper resources can be used to benchmark progress and are great at identifying your strongest and weakest areas. In turn, you can cater your revision to focus on the topics you might need to revise more. Once all revision resources have been utilised, and the learner feels confident in their skills, they can book an Entry Level-3 exam. 


Afterwards, students can progress to the Functional Skills Level 1 service. Although, if students feel they have the ability to do so, they can go straight to Level 2. If you need any more assistance or information, A Star equivalency is happy to help.

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