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AS Team November 2, 2022

Here at astarequivalency, we provide quality local tuition for all of the core subjects. Every week our goal is to inform our learners about a resource we provide for them. This week the  A Level maths past papers are in the spotlight. Past papers are always an important resource in any subject but they are sometimes not used in the most efficient way.Schools and 6th forms often use these papers for homework tasks and/or end of topic tests. These results in a little amount of brand new papers for revision. 


We always recommend that our students avoid using the A level maths past exam papers until the end of the year so then they can be used to test their knowledge and find any gaps in your memory. These papers are most effective when students have never seen any of the questions so they aren’t answered out of past experience. The paper should then be marked using websites or the actual mark scheme to give you an insight into the level you are working at. To give you the most accurate representation of this we always advise that you complete the tests in exam conditions. Once you have marked it you’ll know the areas you need to work on before you attempt the next paper which will help you improve. If you repeat this process you will start to see an improvement in your scores and eliminate weaker areas. 

At astarequivalency, our 1-2-1 tutors can help you take your scores to the next level. These tutors can help you with any problems you have and are happy to help. If you are looking for an experienced and qualified tutor, please get in touch today. 

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