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AS Team February 12, 2024

Tuition for Special Education Needs (SEN) is a prime example of tailored help inside the educational system, tailored to the unique needs of students who struggle with learning. SEN tutoring is different from traditional teaching methods in that it values diversity and customises its approach to meet the specific requirements of children with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and other challenges. 


Importance of Personalising Learning


SEN tuition primarily offers a customised learning environment that fosters students’ intellectual and personal development. It recognises and builds on each person’s special talents while providing the tools and support needed to overcome potential obstacles. By fostering a supportive atmosphere, this approach helps children excel, not just academically, but also by acquiring valuable life skills.


Inclusivity in Education


Beyond only providing a vehicle for personal growth, SEN tuition promotes inclusion in general education. Students’ variety, understanding, and empathy are fostered by its ability to accommodate a wide range of learning demands and styles. By fostering a culture that values diversity, this inclusive approach improves the educational experience for all students overall.


Online Delivery


Online SEN tuition offers enhanced accessibility by removing geographical barriers for individuals with Special Educational Needs (SEN), enabling them to access the best specialist support from any location. This format facilitates personalised, self-paced learning experiences through flexible scheduling, accommodating various learning speeds. Customisable digital tools and resources can boost interactivity and engagement, catering to diverse learning styles and learning speeds. Additionally, the familiar and comfortable online environment can mitigate the typical anxiety that comes with traditional classroom learning. The transition to online SEN tutoring showcases its ability to deliver individualised, easily accessible, and flexible support to learners facing educational challenges.



SEN tuition is quite valuable when it comes to promoting inclusion and customising education to each student’s unique needs. Finding a tutor that meets your child’s or your own needs is made easier by The Exam Tutor, as all tutors go through a thorough qualification process and DBS check. To find a SEN tutor that meets your needs, A Star Equivalency recommends speaking with The Exam Tutor team.

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