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AS Team May 31, 2022

Here at A star equivalency, helping students/learners with their studies of all ages is a top priority. As time progresses certain courses are becoming more and more popular, these courses are the  functional skills course(s). The functional skills courses that are available are maths and english, these are equivalent to GCSE qualifications and are sought after by many. Universities look for these qualifications when looking at applicants, as well as employers for people looking for job roles. As well as these major factors to accomplish these courses, the GCSE grade acquired from completing the functional skills course is also looked for when applying for apprenticeships. No matter what you are looking for in the future these functional skills course qualifications are essential for starting a career.


As more people see the benefits of taking these courses, more and more providers for functional skills course(s) are showing up. It is fundamental that these other providers are checked by you to see if they are Ofqual regulated. The courses we provide here are Ofqual regulated and have a recognised track record of success and are only improving as time goes on. If you take these courses you will be given access to a substantial amount of information such as practise exam questions and many video tutorials that go into great detail on how to answer questions etc.


Frequently asked questions: 


Will the functional skills maths course you offer help me to pass? 

100%, our courses have excellent pass rates. As long as you are willing to try your hardest to complete this course.


How long do the functional skills courses take to complete? 

The time it takes to complete these courses are around 50 hours, with a combined 100 hours are maths and english.


Can I do the course from home? 

Yes, the courses are very much designed to be studied at home in your own free time.


Will I be able to get into University with this?

Yes, if our course are Ofqual regulated and will be accepted.


What is the functional skills level 2 equivalent to? 

The grades are equivalent to a GCSE grade C.


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