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AS Team November 15, 2023



For entry into university programmes like midwifery and nursing, as well as for several employment and apprenticeships, obtaining a level 2 qualification is a must. Your chances of finding a career in the future and of developing new skills and knowledge are enhanced by obtaining a level 2 qualification in mathematics or English. Here, English Functional Skills Qualifications are defined, their importance explained, and their advantages for people in all areas of life discussed by A Star Equivalency.


Understanding Level 2 Qualifications


In the United Kingdom, the “Regulated Qualifications Framework” (RQF) includes Level 2 qualifications. Level 2 falls within the intermediate category in this system, assigning qualifications corresponding to their level. Employers and educational institutions may more easily appraise an individual’s depth and breadth of knowledge and abilities thanks to the RQF, which lets you compare the level and complexity of various degrees.


A* through C on the GCSE (General qualification of Secondary Education) are seen as being similar to level 2 qualifications . Basic information in a number of courses, such as physics, maths, English, and vocational fields, is provided by them. As a vital tool for lifelong learning, these qualifications are available to students of all ages and backgrounds.


Benefits of Level 2 Qualifications


  • Promotion: Level 2 qualifications may serve as a springboard to a more fulfilling professional path. For entry-level positions in numerous industries, they are frequently a prerequisite. These qualifications show a dedication to personal progress and preparation for work, which makes employers look positively upon people having them.
  • Skill Set: Professional qualifications at Level 2 are accessible in several industries, including information technology, construction, healthcare, and hospitality. With these qualifications , one may directly enter the workforce and acquire the real-world skills required to succeed in these fields.
  • Academic Advancement: Getting a Level 2 qualification might help you get into a more advanced programme. Before you may specialise in your chosen subject of study, it might be necessary for you to engage in Level 3 courses or advanced apprenticeships.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Acquiring a Level 2 qualification can help you feel more positive about yourself and more certain in your abilities. Acquiring the qualification may bring you a feeling of accomplishment that inspires you to take on more challenging coursework and challenging career goals.
  • Personal Development: There are other methods to fulfil these objectives besides schooling and work experience. They usually involve teamwork, communication, and problem-solving among other personal development subjects. These are really practical skills for both work and daily life.

Going After Level 2 Qualifications


Several routes are available if you’re thinking about obtaining a Level 2 qualification:

  • Full-time Education: You may enrol in Level 2 courses full-time at a lot of colleges and other educational facilities. If you want to give your studies your whole attention, this is a fantastic choice.
  • Classes that are part-time or evening: These options give those with job or family obligations the freedom to learn at their own speed while managing other obligations.
  • Online Courses: With the advent of digital technology, there are a plethora of options for learning online. Level 2 courses are available on several platforms, and you may finish them at home.
  • Apprenticeships: As part of apprenticeship programmes, several Level 2 qualifications are offered. This method gives you the opportunity to get practical experience in your chosen industry while earning as you learn.




Those who want to further their careers and acquire new abilities will find that Level 2 qualifications are quite beneficial. In order to help adults and people with busy schedules obtain a valuable qualification, whether it be in maths or English, they provide a flexible and accessible form of education.

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