GCSE Equivalency Tests

The GCSE equivalency tests are taken by prospective trainee teachers looking to gain access onto a PGCE course as well as those looking to study midwifery. The tests are sometimes also taken by nurses and others in the medical profession to demonstrate their capabilities at level 2. The most popular GCSE equivalency tests are maths and then English but a number of learners also have to cover combined science or Biology.
At A Star Equivalency we offer all 4 types of GCSE equivalency tests and are recognised and recommended by reputable teacher training providers due to our many years of experience in the teaching industry.

GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

The GCSE maths equivalency test is the most common equivalency test with many trainee teachers and nurses required to pass the exam in order to gain access onto their respective courses.

A Star Equivalency offers candidates the opportunity to sit a higher or foundation equivalency test but encourage people to take the foundation level as there are fewer topics to learn and generally people find it easier to achieve the level 4 pass grade.

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GCSE English Equivalency Test

The GCSE equivalency English test covers the English language curriculum as set by the UK government. The exam is a good test of the key skills required to understand language features and analyse texts.

At A Star we have plenty of resources to help you revise and prepare for your exam. The recommended study time for this exam differs from person to person and really depends on their starting level and past experience. If you need guidance regarding this then our team will be more than happy to help.

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GCSE Science Equivalency Test

The Science GCSE equivalency test is a combined science exam. This is made up of Biology, Chemistry and Physics that are examined in equal parts. The exam can be taken at home like all of our equivalency tests and results are turned around quickly.

From evolution to the periodic table, the combined science specification covers the key areas of the curriculum but it is shortened in a way to make it much more manageable and enable candidates to revise and take the exam in a relatively short time frame.

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GCSE Biology Equivalency Test

The GCSE Biology Equivalency Test again covers the curriculum set by the UK government. As it is a single subject exam it does go into more depth than the combined science Biology.

At A Star we have a specific set of course materials for the Biology equivalency test to help you pass the exam. Like the other equivalency tests you can take this in the comfort of your own home.

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