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AS Team December 11, 2021

If you did not obtain a GCSE PASS/Grade C/Level 4 for whatever reason, you can do a Functional Skills Level 2 exam to gain an equivalent qualification. The Functional Skills qualifications are Ofqual approved and accepted by many universities, employers, and courses. We recommend the provider, Pass Functional Skills; they offer Functional Skills exams and a number of revision materials.


If you need extra support in preparation for your exam, here at A Star Equivalency, we can set you up one-on-one with a tutor. We have tutors for both Maths and English who can help you prepare for your exam and develop your skills. Tutoring sessions may be insightful, especially if you have not studied academically for a while and need advice on starting and managing your revision.


Due to the pandemic, many Functional Skills resources and exams are now online. This means that you can sit the exam and complete your revision from the comfort of your own home. Like in-person exams, the online exams will need to be sat under exam conditions. You will be on a video call with an Ofqual approved invigilator who will ensure that these conditions are met and maintained.


There are a number of providers who offer Functional Skills services; we highly recommend Pass Functional Skills, as they have a range of comprehensive revision materials. It is important to note that when revising; the specification changed in 2019, any revision resources from before this are not as relevant.

At A Star Equivalency, our goal is to help students achieve their Functional Skills qualifications. If you would like any more information on Functional Skills, tutoring sessions or revision resources – please contact us at A Star Equivalency.

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