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AS Team November 1, 2023


The Exam Tutor, an online tutoring service, extends its provision of both group and individual tutoring to assist students in successfully preparing for a wide array of qualifications, spanning from GCSEs to functional skills. Our team of certified, highly experienced tutors undergo meticulous DBS checks to ensure the highest calibre of standards is upheld. In the following discussion, A Star Equivalency will explore The Exam Tutor‘s offerings, with a primary focus on the realm of online tutoring, both for groups and individuals.


Online Tuition

The surge in the prevalence of online tutoring can be traced back to several contributory factors, notably including technological advancements, the omnipresent nature of the internet, and the changing educational preferences and requirements of students. Here are some of the fundamental factors responsible for its burgeoning popularity:

  • Augmented Accessibility: The internet has revolutionised the accessibility of education, effectively dismantling the constraints imposed by geographical boundaries. Students now possess the ability to connect with tutors and educators from any corner of the globe, thus obliterating the limitations of location.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Online tutoring, by its very nature, offers an unparalleled degree of convenience. It empowers students to orchestrate their sessions according to their personal schedule and from the comfort of their own homes, translating into substantial time and energy savings.
  • A Plethora of Learning Resources: The online sphere serves as a vast repository of educational materials, encompassing an extensive array of resources, including videos, interactive simulations, and virtual classrooms. This rich bank of resources allows for a more immersive and dynamic learning experience.
  • Tailored Personalisation: Online tutoring holds the promise of highly personalised learning experiences. It bestows upon students the liberty to select tutors or programs meticulously designed to align with their unique needs and learning preferences, thereby fostering a more effective and efficient learning environment.


Group-based Tuition

Group tutoring entails a teacher or instructor guiding a collective of students. The size of these groups can vary, ranging from a mere handful to a more substantial group, often around several dozen participants. In such a setting, students partake in collaborative learning, profiting from the shared experiences, diverse perspectives, and group discussions that are emblematic of this format. Group tutoring encompasses a spectrum of educational levels, from primary and secondary education to college and professional development courses.


One-on-One Instruction

The Exam Tutor boasts the provision of one-on-one instruction, an educational method whereby a solitary educator delivers dedicated guidance to an individual student. This direct, personalised approach empowers the tutor to finely calibrate their instructional style, the content delivered, and the pace of instruction to precisely accommodate the unique needs and learning inclinations of the individual student.



Online tutoring, whether in a one-on-one or a group setting, emerges as a formidable educational tool, replete with a myriad of advantages, notably in the realms of accessibility and convenience. As technology continues its relentless march of progress, online tutoring will undoubtedly become increasingly ubiquitous, enabling The Exam Tutor to extend its reach and provide accessible, cost-effective instruction to an even larger contingent of students.

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