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AS Team May 24, 2023

Functional Skills exams are crucial for individuals looking to enhance their professional development through higher education. A pass in level 2 Functional Skills exams is equivalent to achieving a GCSE grade C, which is a highly sought-after qualification in the majority of job and university applications. At A Star Equivalency, we offer comprehensive assistance in preparing for and passing Functional Skills exams in both mathematics and English. Our upcoming article will delve into the significance of Functional Skills exams, clarify their purpose, and provide insight to aid you in your preparation for the exams


Functional Skills exams are a crucial component of the UK education system, as they assess fundamental knowledge and skills that are essential for both personal and professional development. These exams cover key subjects such as English, Mathematics, and ICT (information and communication technology). Our blog post explores the nature of Functional Skills exams, highlighting their importance, and offers valuable guidance for effective exam preparation.


What are Functional Skills Exams?


Functional Skills Exams evaluate students’ hands-on skills in English, Mathematics, and ICT through a range of certification options. These exams are recognized and accepted by universities, colleges, and employers. They are offered at multiple levels, starting from entry level up to level 2. The primary objective of these exams is to assess practical skills that have relevance in real-life situations. Practical skills assessed by real-life activities like crafting emails, utilising spreadsheets, and budget calculations.


Why are Functional Skills Exams Important?


Functional Skills exams play a vital role because they provide learners with the necessary skills to prosper in both their personal life and work. These exams have a highly recognised reputation among employers and universities due to the fact they can showcase that the learner has the practical skills that are applicable in a workplace.


Functional Skills Exams play a vital role in fostering excellence for individuals in both personal and professional spheres. These exams enjoy a strong reputation among employers and universities due to their effectiveness in showcasing practical skills that are applicable in diverse work environments. Employers often use these exams as a standard to evaluate candidates, while certain courses at universities mandate their completion.


How to Prepare for Functional Skills Exams?


In order to optimise your preparation for Functional Skills exams, it is essential to use a thorough strategy encompassing the areas of study, practice, and exam techniques. The availability of top notch resources holds the key to achieving success in these exams. With this in mind, we highly recommend Pass Functional Skills as the premier provider of support. If additional aid is required, the committed team at A Star Equivalency are always on hand to offer guidance and assistance

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