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AS Team June 26, 2024

With its ability to grant necessary certificates in maths and English, functional skills examinations have become a mainstay of the UK educational system. These tests provide students with the real-world skills they need to succeed in the profession and in everyday life, and they are acknowledged by both companies and educational institutions. A Star Equivalency examines the importance of functional skills tests, their format, and how Pass Functional Skills may support you in achieving your academic and professional objectives in this blog.


Why Functional Skills Matter

Practical education’s cornerstone is functional skills, which emphasise utilising maths and English in real-world contexts. Exams for functional skills are more relevant to daily duties and professional requirements than standard academic degrees since they highlight the application of information in real-world scenarios.


Key Benefits

  1. Increased Employability: Functional skills are highly valued by employers because they show competence in critical domains including communication, problem-solving, and numeracy.
  2. Further Education: Obtaining a functional skills Level 2 certificate can open doors to university courses and apprenticeships, among other higher education options.
  3. Daily Life: Functional skills are essential for successfully navigating modern life, from handling finances to comprehending digital communication.


Exam Levels and Structure

To meet the needs of different competency levels, Pass Functional Skills provides tests at three different levels:


Entry Level 3: Concentrating on fundamental abilities somewhat below Level 1, this level is perfect for beginners.

Level1: Level 1 focuses on foundational knowledge and gets students ready for increasingly difficult tasks. It is akin to a GCSE grade 2/3 or E/D.

Level 2: This level, which is the most sought-after and offers a strong qualification for work and further study, is equivalent to a GCSE grade 4 or 6.


Exam Components



Speaking/listening, writing, and reading comprehension are evaluated in the English test. While the speaking and listening portion entails group conversations, the writing and reading portions are completed online.



The maths examination covers both calculator and non-calculator related material. Both abilities are tested in a single two-hour exam; the first half is devoted to non-calculator tasks, while the second half is devoted to calculator tasks.


Flexible and Convenient Exam Scheduling

Pass Functional Skills is aware of how crucial flexibility is for students juggling several obligations. Exams are held Monday through Saturday, so you may pick a time that works best for your schedule. This allows you to study and perform to the best of your abilities without having to worry about extra pressure.



A functional skills exam serves as a stepping stone to advancement and self-improvement. Pass Functional Skills will support you every step of the way, whether your goals are to expand your educational opportunities, become more employable, or just improve your daily abilities. With our adaptable, encouraging, and successful test solutions, seize the opportunity to realise your full potential and accomplish your goals.

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