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AS Team December 9, 2022

St Mary’s GCSE Equivalency tests are needed to gain entry into the Universities teacher training courses.  A Star Equivalency is one of the providers who offers these examinations that are accepted by St Mary’s. We offer lots of support for students looking to apply to the St Mary’s teacher training courses; which includes an exclusive discount for those who are thinking of applying to the University, please see below.

St Mary’s GCSE  equivalency test discount code: stmarys26discount 

The discount code will give £26 off any booking. In addition to this we also offer free support for the exam which includes unlimited tutorials, free practice papers and resources. A Star Equivalency has been providing GCSE equivalency testing services since 2002 and during this time we have expanded our services to cover the entire UK, working with hundreds of Universities and individual school centred teacher training providers.

Please visit this page to get the most up to date St Mary’s GCSE  equivalency test discount code, as it will be updated from time to time.

If you would like help with your maths, English or science equivalency test, then contact A Star Equivalency today.

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