Free GCSE Equivalency Tutorials

A Star Equivalency has always prided itself on being the best GCSE equivalency provider, offering the best service, and helping our students whenever we can. This is why we are now including free tutorials with each of our course options. If you have signed up to a course you will be invited to complete a lesson request form. You will be able to access the live webinars through your Dashboard. Please go to ‘My Courses’ and from here, you can join the webinars.

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The following outlines the schedule of lessons for each subject – Please note that sessions go live just before the scheduled start time. You can access this via your Dashboard, under ‘My Courses.’

Maths Cycle –  Thursday and Friday at 19:15

  • Thursday 2nd May – Class 1: Algebra 1
  • Friday 3rd May – Class 2: Algebra 2
  • Thursday 9th May – Class 3: Algebra 3
  • Friday 10th May  – Class 4: Numbers
  • Thursday 16th May- Class 5: Fractions Decimals and Percentages 1
  • Friday 17th May – Class 6: Fractions Decimals and Percentages 2
  • Thursday 23rd May  – Class 7: Ratios
  • Friday 24th May  – Class 8: Probability
  • Thursday 30th May – Class 9: Basic Geometry
  • Friday 31st May – Class 10: Shapes
  • Thursday 6th June – Class 11: Graphs
  • Friday 7th June – Class 12: Pythagoras and  Trigonometry
  • Thursday 13th June – Class 13: Past papers, Non-calculator (1)
  • Friday 14th June – Class 14: Past papers, Non-calculator (2)
  • Monday 17th June  – Class 15: Past papers, Calculator (1)
  • Friday 21st June – Class 16: Past papers, Calculator (2)


English Cycle – Thursdays at 20:30

  • Thursday 2nd May – Class 1: A look at the structure and the mark scheme.
  • Thursday 9th May – Class 2: How to answer the reading part of the exam.
  • Thursday 16th May – Class 3: Questions 1 and 2 – Looking for explicit and implicit information.
  • Thursday 23rd May –Class 4: Types of words and common language techniques. Looking for them in question 3.
  • Thursday 30th May – Class 5: Question 4 – Combining the skills from Questions 1 to 3, to look for similarities and differences over a whole text.
  • Thursday 6th June – Class 6: Question 5: Evaluation of a text.
  • Thursday 13th June – Class 7: Question 6 – Option A: Planning and executing.
  • Monday 17th June – Class 8: Question 6 – Option B: Descriptive writing.


Combined Science Course Lessons (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) 

Note: Combined Science sessions incorporate the Biology, Chemistry and Physics components, whereas the Biology equivalency is a separate course

  • Mondays at 8:30 PM – Each session will look at working through the question books.

Once this is done, the tutor plans to incorporate specific topics once more. If you are looking for webinars on the content, you can find these on the recordings.


Biology Equivalency Course Lessons 

  • Thursdays at 8:30 PM – Each session will look the content on the course.