Free GCSE Equivalency Tutorials

A Star Equivalency has always prided itself on being the best GCSE equivalency provider, offering the best service, and helping our students whenever we can. This is why we are now including free tutorials with each of our course options. If you have signed up to a course you will be invited to complete a lesson request form. Following this you will be emailed a link to join the lesson an hour before the lesson is due to start.

If you haven’t signed up to a course yet, you can do so here…

GCSE Equivalency Courses

The following outlines the schedule of lessons for each subject – Please note that session invitations are sent out just before the scheduled start time, so please don’t worry if you don’t receive a link until just before the session is about to start.

Maths Lessons РOccur every Thursday 

  1. 15th July at 8.30pm – Algebra fundamentals
  2. 22nd July at 8.30pm – Applied algebra
  3. 5th of August at 8.30pm – Fractions, percentages and decimals (part 1)
  4. 12th of August 8.30pm – Fractions, percentages and decimals (part 2)
  5. 19th of August 8.30pm – Ratio
  6. 26th of August 8.30pm – Geometry basics
  7. 2nd of September 8.30pm – Probability basics
  8. 9th of September 8.30pm – Exam question prep

English Lessons – Occur every Thursday

  1. 8th of July at 7pm – A look at the structure and the mark scheme.
  2. 15th July at 7pm – Point Evidence Explanation (PEE) and using quotations in answers
  3. 22nd July at 7pm – Question 1 and 2: Looking for explicit and implicit information
  4. 5th of August 7pm – Types of words and common language techniques. Looking for them in question 3.
  5. 12th of August 7pm – Combining the skills from Questions 1 to 3, to look for similarities and differences over a whole text.
  6. 19th of August 7pm РHow to structure an essay.
  7. 26th of August 7pm РQuestion 6 option A. Applying essay structures to part B of the exam
  8. 2nd of September 7pm – Question 6 option B. Descriptive writing.

Science Lessons and Biology Lessons

  • 9th of July at 8pm – BiologyHow humans use living things – selective breeding and genetic modification.
  • 23rd July – 8pm – Skills for Science #1 – scientific method and experimental design (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • 30th July – 8pm – Biology #1 – Living things are similar – enzymes
  • 6th August – 8pm – Skills for Science #2 – processing and presenting data (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • 13th August – 8pm – Biology #2 – Living things are different – nutrition
  • 20th August – 8pm – Skills for Science #3 – interpreting data, conclusions and evaluations (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • 27th August – 8pm – Biology #3 – Living things interact – food chains and webs
  • 3rd September – 8pm – Skills for Science #4 – using units and equations (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • 10th September – 8pm – Biology #4 – Living things are useful – selective breeding and GM