Get My Paper Remarked


Get My Paper Remarked

Get My Paper Remarked

  • Get your paper remarked for £20

  • If your grade improves by 1 level or more then this fee is refunded.

  • If you have any questions call our exams team on 020 3488 0960

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You are able to get your paper remarked if you believe your grade is incorrect. This comes with a fee of £2o. However, if your grade is increased by 1 level or more, you will be refunded this £20 fee.

We take marking very seriously, implementing the highest standards throughout our marking process. It is very uncommon for mistakes to be made which is why we have introduced this fee system. If you still wish to get your paper remarked, simply purchase this product; however, please do not assume this assures your grade will increase, the mark awarded can also go down.

If you have any questions please call 020 3488 0960 or email [email protected]


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