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AS Team April 5, 2023

A star equivalency which operates under the MME group, has been selected as an approved tuition provider for the National Tutoring Programme by the Department for Education. Having participation in the program is restricted to only schools, and parents cannot directly enrol their children. Instead, subject teachers must be responsible for enrolling their students. MME offers NTP tutoring services for GCSE-level students in maths, English, and science, with the possibility of expanding the program in the coming weeks and months. If you are a parent interested in your child receiving fully funded additional support through their school, please contact the school directly and inquire about MME as a provider. 

To address common questions regarding the National Tutoring Programme, the following section provides answers for parents, students and teachers

What is the National Tutoring Programme? 

The National Tutoring Programme    is a government led initiative designed to assist schools in obtaining funding for tuition, which can improve learning outcomes. Initially, it was introduced to aid students in catching up on lost education due to the pandemic. However, its success has led to an extension of the programme

How does the NTP funding work?

Each eligible student for the Pupil Premium program receives a funding allocation of £162 per school year, which can be utilised towards any student as part of the National Tutoring Programme. The funding is disbursed three times per year in September, December, and April. Schools are able to claim up to 60% of the tuition cost, capped at a maximum of £18 per hour per student.

Is the NTP tuition online or in person and is it in groups?

A range of options are available for tutoring, including 1-2-1 in person sessions and online group lessons. Typically, the cost of in person 1-2-1 tuition is considerably higher than that of group sessions which are conducted online

How does the dfe national tutoring programme make a difference?

Studies have shown that the National Tutoring Programme has a reliable and beneficial impact on student results. In particular, GCSE students have been found to experience significant advantages from the available tuition

How does our school enroll for the NTP?

If you need expert guidance on how to achieve your academic or professional goals, it’s recommended that you seek assistance from an accredited provider like MME. We at A Star Equivalency encourage you to contact us without delay if you require any help with the National Tutoring Programme. Our team is committed to providing effective support that will assist you in attaining academic success


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