Functional Skills Level 2

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AS Team October 12, 2021

Functional skills level 2 is a GCSE equivalent qualification. It is taken by people from all sorts of back grounds for a number of different reasons, but essentially it is required to help gain entry into Unviersity, complete an apprenticeship and enhance employment chances. The maths and English functional skills level 2 qualifications are therefore one of the most important qualifications a person can get.

In terms of getting into teaching, for the vast majority of people, the best option are the GCSE equivalency tests as this is what training providers are looking for. However, the exception to this is the QTLS route into teaching where they will only accept a functional skills result if you don’t already have a GCSE in maths and English. For other courses such as midwifery and nursing it can be quite mixed with many providers accepting either an equivalency or functional skills result.

At A Star Equivalency we are here to help all prospective teachers, nurses, midwives and others, to get onto their respective training courses. Our GCSE equivalency tests are taken by thousands of learners a year and we have quickly become the go to service for equivalency testing services.

The level 2 maths exam is composed of a non-calculator and calculator section with the calculator section being worth around 75% of the overall marks. Compared to the full GCSE the level 2 maths specifications contain a lot fewer topics making it a lot easier to revise for. The English level 2 is composed of 3 sections which are reading, writing and the SLC (speaking, listening and communicating). Each exam lasts around an hour and all 3 parts have to be passed in order for the qualification to be awarded. For both level 2 qualifications you can take the exams from home making them really accessible to all learners.

If you are requiring help with functional skills level 2 then the following resources should really help.

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