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AS Team August 12, 2021

We cater to international students needing GCSE equivalencies required for teaching

For international teachers or people looking to get into teaching in the UK there are a number of obstacles to overcome, with one of the most common ones being related to having the correct qualifications. International teachers who want to become a teacher in the UK will need to ensure they have a level 2 equivalent or often called a GCSE equivalent. Even if you have a degree from a reputable University, this does not replace the need for a GCSE or equivalent qualification. The most widely accepted GCSE equivalent is a GCSE equivalency which can be used to help you meet the requirements for teacher training courses and job applications across the UK.   

If you are looking to acquire a GCSE Equivalency test result to help put you become a teacher, we can help! We offer GCSE equivalencies to countries all over the world including China, India, Turkey and many many more. Please continue to read this article to learn how to obtain your specific GCSE equivalency test result today. We offer equivalencies in Maths, English, Combined Science and Biology, all of these are accompanied with our course resources to help you pass first time. The GCSE equivalency tests are usually taken by prospective trainee teachers looking to gain access onto a PGCE course as well as those wanting to study midwifery. The tests are sometimes also taken by nurses and others in the medical profession but most often it is for internationals who want to get into teaching.

All of the A Star Equivalency tests can be sat online at your own home. If you prefer to use the paper-based exam options, rather than type out your exam answers, then there are paper-based options available, all of our paper based courses are posted directly to your address and delivery can be upgraded to first class depending on how fast you need your results! Simply select the option best suited for you when booking. We even ship internationally to India, Australia, China and all over Europe. 

All of our exams are invigilated online by one of our expert invigilators, simply join the call on the agreed date of your exam and the invigilator will calmly walk you through the steps to get you set up for your exam.

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