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AS Team November 10, 2022

A Star Equivalency is a leading provider of GCSE Equivalency Tests that enable students to gain access onto a number of courses. We have continued working to maintain our lead, and build on our reputation for excellence in the provision of GCSE Equivalency Examinations to ITT providers since 2002.

This article is an update on improvements made in compliance, support, and affordability, which benefits all of our stakeholders but most importantly our students.

These improvements include:

  • All Equivalency Examinations have been updated to reflect latest Ofqual guidance on online examinations. Note: These are updated annually.
  • All invigilators have undergone refresher training to maintain compliance with Ofqual standards.
  • We offer unlimited weekly tutorials in every subject so that students can access as many sessions as they need to ensure they are adequately prepared for the exam. Note: everything possible is done in training support and guidance on exam readiness with students to prevent resits. When they occur, they are limited to a maximum of 2 resits /year unless special conditions are met.
  • We have introduced additional resit support lessons. Also, at no cost to the student.
  • We have successfully launched our free student portal, where they can login to access previous lessons that are pre-recorded for those learners who have limited availability to join the live lessons. Students can also access exam details, useful information, and guidance notes from their login area.
  • Despite these improvements and increases to our business costs, we have further reduced our exam fees in recognition of the current climate where students are struggling with costs as we want to ensure our examinations are as accessible to people as possible

For more information and details please refer to the training provider page of our website here

If you have any questions or special requirements, please contact us on [email protected]

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