Understanding Functional Skills Level 2: A Comprehensive Overview

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AS Team June 5, 2024

To improve your English and Mathematics skills, consider pursuing Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications. These are highly valued by both employers and educational organizations, and are equivalent to GCSEs. For the best support in achieving these qualifications, we suggest looking into MME’s Functional Skills Level 2 courses and exams provided by A Star Equivalency.

What Are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills encompass practical English and Maths abilities crucial for navigating everyday situations. Unlike traditional academic subjects, they focus on practical skills such as problem-solving and effective communication.

What You Learn

English: This includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening, enabling clear expression and comprehension of ideas and information.

Mathematics: This involves applying numerical, data analysis, and problem-solving skills to real-world scenarios.

Why It’s Important

For Jobs: Many employers require at least Level 2 proficiency in Maths and English, enhancing your employability across various sectors.

For Education: Level 2 qualifications are often prerequisites for further educational pursuits, including college courses, apprenticeships, and vocational training programmes.

For Life: The skills acquired are directly applicable to daily tasks, such as budgeting, interpreting instructions, and communicating effectively.

Getting Ready

Understanding the Test Format: Each subject has its own exam format, with English comprising reading, writing, and speaking & listening tests, and Maths including problem-solving tasks.

Utilising Study Resources: Access online courses, practice tests, and textbooks to aid in preparation.

Developing a Study Plan: Allocate dedicated study time for each subject and focus on one aspect at a time to reinforce understanding.

Seeking Assistance: Don’t hesitate to seek support from adult education centres or online forums if you encounter challenges.

Tips for the Exam

  • Thoroughly understand the questions before responding.
  • Manage time effectively during the exam.
  • Show working steps in Maths problem-solving.
  • Review answers if time permits to identify and correct errors.


Improving your English and Maths abilities is crucial with Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications. These qualifications provide a strong foundation, whether you want to expand your career opportunities, pursue higher education, or improve your everyday skills. With proper preparation and support, passing Functional Skills Level 2 exams is achievable. Start working towards obtaining Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications today!


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