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AS Team August 4, 2022

Here at astarequivalency, we are always looking for the best resources so that we can offer them to our learners and give them the best support. In the last few years the pandemic has forced us to focus on other types of resources like predicted papers. We have created a list of different exam papers from all of the different GCSE and A-level exam boards which will help you access them and find the bedst resources. The following list has our recommendations. 


GCSE Maths Predicted Papers.


These papers are available for Edexcel, AQA.OCR and WJEC exam boards. They follow the format of the relevant exam boards and each set of the papers are different and contain different questions. We have come to the conclusion that certain publishers like CGP are generic and are not specific to an exam board even though they label them as Edexcel. Despite this these papers are still useful but do not reflect the actual exam papers that are published by the exam board. Due to this we recommend the MME papers. 


GCSE English Predicted Papers

The GCSE practice papers are for the GCSE English language qualification. These reflect the actual exam board papers in both look and feel. 


GCSE Science Predicted Papers

Right now, there are only GCSE combined science practice papers and not yet the separate subject, these will be released shortly. 


A Level Maths Predicted Papers

These A-level maths practice papers offer an insight into what the exam will be like on the day you sit your exam(Edexcel or AQA). The level of difficulty of the papers is set to a similar level of the end exam. These are brilliant resources for the A level students  who are looking to achieve any grade in their exam. 


Here At astarequivalency, we strive to provide the best service available for our learners and hel;p them in any way we can. Please get in touch today if you are looking for a tutor. 

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