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AS Team November 19, 2021

Welcome to the A Star Equivalency page; if you are seeking help regarding the Functional Skills English Level 2 qualifications, you’re in the right place! We help learners of all ages; we can offer you support in preparation for your exams and booking the exam itself. The Functional Skills English Level 2 qualification is equivalent to a GCSE Grade C/Level 4. Therefore, many employers and course routes accept this as a qualification. As many people have not studied English for a long time, we aim to teach them key aspects of the curriculum. This includes spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as understanding the basics is vital.


There are three components to the Functional Skills English Level 2 Exam

  • The Reading exam, 
  • The Writing exam 
  • The Speaking Listening and Communicating (SLC) exam. 

In the Reading exam, you need to be able to understand the purpose of key texts and analyse their meaning. For the Writing exam, you will need to produce creative writing pieces and demonstrate your ability to use key language features. In the SLC, you need to show that you can effectively communicate and listen to others. The exam will be with a few other learners where you will engage in a discussion, and you will need to have prepared a presentation on a given topic. You will need to interact with other learners and show that you can speak, listen and communicate effectively.


Contact our A Star Equivalency team, or visit our page for extra support or information on the Functional Skills English Level 2 qualification. We can provide you with a range of comprehensive resources and help you book your exam! Furthermore, if you want tuition sessions we can help set you up with a professional tutor. 

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