Functional Skills Level 2 English Past Papers

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AS Team November 26, 2021

Welcome to the A Star Equivalency page; we aim to provide students with the information and materials needed to develop their English skills. When preparing for your Functional Skills English exam, using Past Papers are an effective source of revision. Here in this article, we will be outlining the content of the English Level 2 Past Paper and how to access them.


Several sites provide Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers; it is important to note that the specification has been reformed since 2019. Therefore, you should only use the exams from 2019 onwards as any from before will not be as relevant. You can use Past Papers from any exam boards provided; they all follow the same government-set curriculum, which means all papers will cover the same content and topics. The exam format and timings for each section may differ between each exam board. Despite this, they are all relevant preparation materials and a great source of revision.


We highly recommend that you are confident in the subject before using the Past Papers, as getting a bad result may negatively impact your confidence. We do not want you to be discouraged by any negative marks or results. The Past Papers are great to see which areas you can improve in; additionally, you can use them to benchmark your progress. Each Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Paper comes with mark schemes. Once you complete one of the Past Papers, you can use the mark scheme to identify which topics you need to improve on. Additionally, you can ask your tutor to mark the papers for you. As it can be overwhelming, you do not need to focus on the marks immediately, and over time you will see your improvements with the more Past Papers you use.


When using Past Papers, we recommend that you do this as close to exam conditions as possible. For example, you should complete them in timed conditions to mimic the real exam. Continuously practising in timed conditions will help you with your time management and it will help you make the most of your exam time. 

At A Star Equivalency, we are here to support you in your progress and preparation for your Level 2 English exams. If you are interested in tuition, please get in touch as we are happy to help you find a suitable tutor.

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