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A Star Equivalency Team March 25, 2021

I would like to thank Astar Equivalency for their exceptional service and support over the last few months. I had initially been advised by my ITT provider that they only accepted a particular (different) equivalency company. Unfortunately, I had several problems with the other company- from not picking up my phone calls, to claiming they hadn’t received my emails- despite the fact I still have records of my emails. I noticed that the university that I was studying through accepted Astar equivalency exams. I got in touch with the ITT provider and asked if they would consider Astar because I was having issues with the other company. To my surprise, they said that if the university accepts them, then so would they.

From the first email to the final phone call, Astar have been exceptional. I’ve rarely encountered such a fantastic team of staff. They really do support you and want you to pass. They will call and email you if they need any sort of confirmation. Despite the fact that this is a professional company, I never felt as though I was spoken to in a condescending or overly formal way. They also offer a fast-track service which makes things a little simpler for last-minute individuals like myself.

If your university or service provider do not currently accept Astar equivalency, I would strongly suggest you get in touch with them and ask them to consider. They’re a highly reputable company and many universities do accept their qualifications- and I can see why.

I’m surprised at how much more confident I am in my knowledge of science- particularly atoms, electrons and neutrons! Occasionally, my son has to tell me to stop going on about my new found knowledge! Would not have been able to do it without these wonderful people at Astar.

Thank you Dave, Tracey and the rest of the team. You’ve all been absolutely brilliant.

A Star Equivalency
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A Star Equivalency Team

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