* You Choose When (flexible time and date addon)


NB Use this option ONLY if you have already purchased a “scheduled exam”. Otherwise it can be bought in a discounted bundle with the exam.

There are regularly “scheduled” GCSE  equivalency exam dates throughout the year with more dates added during busy times.

However, if you can’t find a suitable GCSE equivalency exam date/ time, the “you choose when” option enables you to sit the equivalency exam on your own, selecting any date and the time during working hours (outside lockdown periods).

Whereas only one exam can be sat on “scheduled” exam dates this option also enables multiple exams to be sat on the same date. Please note we do not recommend sitting more than one 2-hour exam on the same day if it can be avoided. However, we understand there are sometimes special circumstances.

If you have the support of a school, we also offer the “You Choose Where” option giving you control over the place, time and day of your GCSE equivalency Exam.

If none of these options meet your needs, please email us and we will try to make special arrangements.