GCSE Science Equivalency Exams

Avoiding malpractice in equivalency examinations 
Please be informed of A Star Equivalency regulations concerning malpractice.

Candidates must not:
• submit work which is not their own
• make available their work to other candidates through any medium
• allow other candidates to have access to their own independently sourced material
• assist other candidates to produce work
• use books, the internet or other sources without acknowledgement or attribution
• submit work that has been word processed by a third party without acknowledgement
• include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material.
These actions constitute malpractice and a penalty will be given (for example, disqualification).
With respect to this endorsement:
• if it comes to light that an assessor working on behalf of A Star Equivalency has awarded a grade to a student who has not in fact achieved the grade in the required manner, the head of centre will be asked to carry out an investigation of the circumstances and report to senior management. Results from some or all candidates at the centre may be withheld.
• because of the nature of the equivalency examinations, opportunities for candidate malpractice are lessened, but in circumstances where it occurs the standard published malpractice procedures apply.

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